Chapter Fifteen

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I shoved away from Hook's embrace. My tears had long since dried, and I no longer needed his unnecessary comfort. I scooted a safe distance away from him before I leaned back on my elbows.

The sky above me was dark and filled with more stars than I could ever hope to count. The pale moon hung in the corner of the sky, proud for all to see. It seemed to have already started its slow descent towards the horizon.

I sat upright. I hadn't realized it was so late. I would have to head back to Pan and the children soon, or else they would know that something was out of place.

Which reminded me of something very, very important.

Hook still had to tell me what he wanted for the bear.

I turned to him and opened my mouth to ask him, but closed it immediately.

Hook was standing beside me, Benny clasped in his glove clad hands. "Here," he said quietly as he handed the bear off to me.

"But you never told me what you wanted." I protested, but took the bear from his grasp anyway.

He knelt beside me, similarly to the way a knight would kneel to his Queen. He glanced up at me, his green eyes flashing. "Your companionship is all I required." Hook confided softly to me.

My eyes narrowed. Why would he be so kind? He wanted to kill Pan, and I was the key. Wasn't I? I weakened Pan, lowered his defenses. That was what Hook wanted, right?

I shook my head slowly, trying to clear those thoughts from my muddled mind.

I stood at the same time as Hook.

"I must be going." I murmured as I scanned the dirt below my feet.

His feet shuffled some before the crown of his dark head came into my view. He was...bowing to me? The legendary Captain Hook was bowing to me?

I cleared my throat nervously as he rose to stand before me.

Hook smiled before he spoke up. "Thank you, Gwen. Thank you for believing in me." He bowed once more before returning to the fire, signalling that I could leave at my leisure.

I gathered my wits and took off in what I thought was the relative direction of Pan's hideout. The Neverland forest looked identical in the dark...every tree and bush the same as the last, but I had to hurry. The night was almost over, and Pan would be waking soon.

Trees flew by me as I ran, my feet pounding the earth as I went. It was rough going in nothing but my socks, but I had to reach the hideout before day break. I wasn't even slowing down to make a silent trip across the island. I had to get there.

The moon was almost sunken behind the horizon, and I was not sure if I was almost there or not. I could have miles or yards ahead of me.

I kept running, my mind reeling over the fact that Hook had given in so readily. Who knew that filthy pirate had such a heart of gold?

I shook my head as I slowed down. This area looked slightly more familiar to me.

I made my way between a few trees, pushing foliage out of my path as I went, and came face to face, nose to nose, with a pale, red haired boy.

I was busted.

His cyan eyes lit with a fiery, dark anger that I had only seen once before, and I had hoped to never see it again.

Pan grabbed my arms in a bruising grip and roughly pulled me towards him. He brought his enraged face close to mine and very nearly snarled in my face.

"Where were you?" They were three simple words, harmless by themselves, but together they packed an angry rage so fierce that I was sure it put even the hottest of lava to shame.

I gulped as I frantically tried to think of words of redemption to push past the lump growing in my throat. The only noises that slid by were small, unintelligible whimpers.

My mind was whirling by so fast that I had no time to think of a convincing lie to tell Pan. I was lost in a forest of half-baked phrases and inarticulate statements that all left me stuttering out the worst lie in the history of lies.

"I-I was-uh-d-down at t-the water. At the-uh- beach." I barely mumbled out. I was too busy choking on my breath to correctly form even that sentence.

Pan pulled me impossibly closer to him and leaned his mouth by my ear. "Are you sure that is your answer?" He whispered frigidly.

My breath held in my chest as I slowly nodded my head and unwillingly and unknowingly sealed my fate.

He leaned back away from me so that I could see the angry planes of his face. His eyes were like two frozen pieces of artic ice as they pinned me down with a brutal stare. "You're lying." His voice was hard and unrelenting. "Try again."

My breath caught in my throat. "I...I-" I desperately tried to defend myself, just to be cut off short.

"She was with me." Came a soft voice from the lightening forest surrounding us.

Author's Note:

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