Chapter 2 - What's Wrong With Me?

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Bob's Point Of View


I watched on, as Barney, the purple dinosaur, crushed Dizzy and Trix , with no hesitation. I could fix them later, I had to fix them later. The show's manager or director, whatever, would get pissed if we had to waste time replacing them.

That's usually what happened when one of them breaks down and I can't fix them, we'd just replace them. That's what was easiest, but we're tight on money, so that's out of the question.

I watched as Barney stopped, letting the rest of them drive away, nearly speeding. I looked up at him, his small , t-rex arm held out to me. I grasped it, and he pulled me up. My face felt warm.

Maybe I was running a fever or something.

"Oh thanks, uh..Burnie?"

"Barney." he corrected me.

"Oh yeah. Thanks , Barney."

I grabbed my bag , and waved "bye" to Barney. He seemed like a genuinely nice dino, other than crushing the work things...

I opened up the box, it being full of tools, and started on Trix. He was done pretty soon, he didn't get that damaged. Only a flat tire, and broken window. And a smashed in door. It took longer to fix Dizzy since the whole top on the cement mixer came right off.

At the most , I must've taken only 4 to 6 hours. By the time I was done, it was nearly midnight. About 11:49pm to be exact. I sighed, grabbed the tool box, and carried it over my shoulder, to home. I opened the door and dropped the tool box on the floor, not caring if I broke anything.

I slammed the door behind me, took off my shoes and laid down on the couch , not bothering to go to my room and sleep there. The couch was softer than my bed, so I slept here instead of my room. Then I remembered, I should take my temperature just in case.

Getting up with a groan, I walked to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I grabbed the thermometer and put it under my tongue and waited.

beep beep

I read the number and , it was normal.


I wondered why I felt like that when Barney helped me. I think maybe..

I'm in


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