Chapter 1: The Encounter

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Barney's Point Of View

I sighed. Life isn't exactly easy, entertaining spoiled kids everyday. The dinosaurs I work with - they aren't really my friends. They're just paid actors.

The only part I enjoy of the show, is the parts where we get to sing the I Love You song.

It's my favorite. But after airing the episode today, we got to have a 2 week break. I was relieved. I'd finally get a break , after a whole year of working with no breaks.

I walked out, around the building to get some lunch. Bob The Builder was there , sitting on the ground with his tool things talking to him. They were yelling at him, hitting him every now and then. The hammer kept hitting him in the face, hard.

When I'm not on stage, I act like a normal dino. I roared out at them, and chewed them up. Turns out, they were alive...for real. When I crushed them in my jaws, they bled.

I offered Bob one of my hands. His face turned red. Was he blushing? It was kind of cute...

Am I..?


On Bob The Builder?

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