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I woke up as Isaac wailed. I got out of bed and picked him up. I practically spent all last night boxing everything up in our apartment.

I let the landlord know I was moving out and called Izzy to let her know I had to leave.

I sang Issac his lullaby, heading to the kitchen, following our normal routine.

Today was supposed to be my day off, so Annie wouldn't be coming. I had also called her and told her that Isaac and I had to leave the city quickly because of an emergency.

As if we weren't gonna move, as if Isaac's father wasn't fucking searching for us, searching for me.

I began to go around the apartment, searching for where the guys could have put a tracker.

I looked over everything they touched. I even looked over Isaac and his clothes, along with mine.

I found nothing and sighed, then sat down on the couch with Isaac on my lap, supported by a pillow.

I ate a banana as I breast fed Isaac, when my phone buzzed. NYC what a beautiful city, no? I shuddered and blocked Nikolai's number.

He was too close. But sadly the next cheapest flight wasn't until tomorrow. So Isaac and I would have to hide out until then.

I burped Isaac after he finished feeding then turned on the TV. I watched my TV recording while Isaac chewed at his plush monkey in my lap, staring up at me.

"You ready for a walk my big boy?"
I asked him, turning off the TV and he smiled at me. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

I froze and turned off the television. I held Isaac close to my chest and quietly climbed off of the couch.

I crept over to the door and looked out the peep hole. All I could see was broad shoulders and a tie.

Oh god. No. There was a knock again and I stepped away from the door. I had to hide, I knew who it was.

I held Isaac closer to my chest and ran down the hallway. I ran into my bedroom and shut the door behind me, when I could hear the front door opened. I forgot to lock it!

Isaac began to make his gurgling sounds, the ones before he cries and I began rocking him.

I could hear footsteps getting closer and closer to the room. I quickly crawled underneath my bed and rested on my side, holding Isaac close to me.

My bedroom door opened and my heart stopped. I watched his shiny polished shoes make their way around my bed.

Nikolai was far from the bed so I quietly wiggled out on the opppsite side of him and sat up. He was looking down at Isaac's cradle.

I sprinted out of the room and out of my apartment. I ran up the hallway stairs towards the broom closet, there was a window in there I could escape from it.

All of a sudden I was jerked backwards and was face to face with his brown orbs.

"Emma, I think it's time you come home, don't you?"
He asked. I shook my head and kneed him in the balls then with my one free hand I shoved him away and he tumbled down the stairs.

I ran to the broom closet and looked down at Isaac. He stared up at me and I lightly whimpered.

I set him down in the broom closer then shut the door, as Nikolai climbed the stairs and approached me.

I pressed myself against the door as he got closer to me, before he was practicly pushing his body against mine.

Oh god.

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