Chapter 1: Lonely

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(Sorry that the pic up there is a girl. This book can be read by both males and females)

POV: (Y/N)

I'm so hungry... And tired, you thought as you swept the floor at your neighborhood BJ's. The broom went back and forth on the tiled floor cleaning up the dirt from people's shoes. You made 8.45 $ an hour and worked an hour a day. It was a grueling job cleaning the entire place but if you didn't work you didn't eat.

Wiping the sweat off of your head you leaned the broom against the wall near the dairy section and walked to the mangers office. The big door made a loud screeching sound as you opened it. Peaking in you saw your boss.

"Oh Rizzi? Your here for your pay?," asked your boss. You didn't let him know your real name, if you did you might not have gotten the job here. Nodding the manager went into one of his desk's drawers and came out with an envelope and handed it to you.

"I gave you 9$ today because you've been doing a great job... Plus I didn't have any change," he said laughing. You gave off a weak smile. "Thank you," you said and walked back out the door. Clenching the envelope in your hand you walked over to the bread section, got a loaf and then headed to where they kept the single bottles of water.

"That'll be 9$," said the cashier. "9?!," you said in shock. "But the bread only costs 3 and the 3 water bottles cost 4! That should only be 7." The cashier gave you the wish-I-could-help face which made you sigh as you handed him your envelope. He just put the whole thing in the register.

Grumbling a bit, you stormed out of the store to find it raining. Great, you thought angerly. You put your brown torn hoodie over your head and marched into the alley way next to the BJ's you worked at. Holding your hoodie tightly over your head you looked around for the old rickety ladder.

Spotting it you let go of your hood and climbed it. The old ladder made screeching sounds every time you took a step. Growling in annoyance you made your way to the top. Finally, you thought as your plopped yourself on the roof of BJ's. You lived up here in a little shack you called home.

You ran over to your little shelter and hid from the rain. It was built out of some old parts of the BJ's you worked at. You looked around your 'house'. It had a small box it it that you used as a side table and an old mattress that you slept on. It was ripped and some of the springs where showing but it was better then sleeping on the ground.

You had a heating pad as your heater and a small desk fan as your air conditioner. There was an outlet up here which you questioned its purpose but as long as you could keep warm on days like today you didn't care. You plugged in the heating pad and put in on your bed. Sitting on it you looked on the side table. There was a picture of you and Kyniala on it. You smiled sadly.

Lying down on your bed you took your hid die off and used it as a blanket. "Good night Kyniala. See you tomorrow," and with that you fell asleep.

(A/N: sorry that this chapter was short and didn't seem to have any relevance to OverWatch. It'll start picking up in the next chapter. Anyways thanks for reading!)

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