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Jack P.O.V            (Jack)  *     (Ashley)

Jack was back at Sunny Side, his ma curled up in her blankets snoring softly. By the time he had finally slipped through the door of her room she was already sleeping peacefully, the magazine she had been flicking through lying open on her stomach from when she obviously couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.

He smiled a little as he carefully pulled the magazine from her loose grip and set it on the floor beside her bed before sitting down himself in his little brown chair, patiently waiting for her to wake up after she was done with her nap. Suddenly he felt his phone buzz making him jump in surprise. Who the hell would be messaging him?

A- Hey! Lucky Charms!

Well, that was rather rude. Jack didn't particularly care but did that dude, Ethan or something, from class somehow get his number? Because if he did Jack would have no qualms with throwing the damn phone out the window. It wasn't like he used it much anyways.

J- Who is this?

A- It's just Ashley, dummy :P

Oh, at least he could now keep his phone, that was a plus he guessed. But wait,

J- How'd you get my number?

A- I have my ways ;)

J- Thanks, that really cleared everything up for me.

A- Glad I could help. Now, did u know it's my 18th b'day 2morrow?

J- No. Why?

A- I'm having a massive party at my house. Wanna come?

Jack paled a little at the thought of another house party. Music pumping and vibrating through his every fiber as he struggled to fight his way through sweaty teenagers who crushed him from every side. The air would be thick with the sharp smell of alcohol, dizzying cigarette smoke and the sickly sweet tang of women's perfume. He knew that's the the way it worked back home anyway. Here, he supposed, people under the age of 21 weren't allowed to drink, things might be different here.

He couldn't say he didn't fancy the idea of getting drunk off his ass. It would help to stop the constant feeling of backbreaking responsibility that weighed him down 24/7 these days. But one look at his mother's sleeping face erased the temptation from his mind.

She looked years younger, the creases that normally lined her face were smooth and her hair fanned out behind her in a fluffy dark mess that made him grin.

He couldn't leave her. Even for a day.

J- No, I can't

A- Awwwwwww why not????? I'm inviting everyone! C'mon pleaseeeeee!!

J- No. I don't even know where you live.

A- That doesn't matter, I'll pick you up! Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!

J- No means no, Ashley.

Jack looked up from his phone to see his Ma was awake, blinking blearily as the sunlight hit her eyelids. He could see she was still a little sleepy, according to Felix she'd had one of her episodes earlier and was trying to sleep it off. But his heart sank when he saw the look in her eyes when they fell on him.

Complete and utter confusion.

"Who are you?" She asked croakily, her voice rough from waking up.

Jack spoke calmly and slowly despite the way his heart fell down to his feet and smashed against the ground, shattering like glass. She could always remember him before, always. No matter what she always at least remembered his face, his name, his brightly colored hair. Never in his life had he ever seen his mother look at him with absolutely no recollection of who he was, and the feeling alone made him want to curl up into a corner and cry.

"I'm your son. Jack."

Her eyebrows creased together in thought before she looked at him again, something akin to anger on her features. "I have no son, who the hell are you? Get out of my room!" Her arm raised in a weak attempt to shoo him away. "Don't come any closer you bastard! What the fuck are you doing here? What do you want from me!?"

She was practically screaming in his face, confusion and fear coming over her face as she looked around the room and at the figure of a stranger who hadn't moved a muscle during her outburst. She began to panic, eyes wide and petrified. "Where am I? This isn't my room. Have you kidnapped me? Please. Don't hurt me!" His Ma's voice broke on her last sentence, her body trembling as she inched away from him in her terrified state.

Jack could feel tears welling up no matter how hard he tried to hold them back. Unconscious of his actions, he stretched out a hand towards his mother and took a step forward. "Ma? Ma, it's me, Jack. I'm your son and I would never ever hurt you." He whimpered through the tears, a hand coming up to cover his mouth as she only moved further away from him, his face a tear stained mask of anguish. "Please, believe me." He pleaded, his voice cracking as the salty tears rolled down his face and dripped onto the tiled floor.

"Help me!" Jack's Ma cried out in what sounded like desperation. "Somebody please help me!"

The door slammed open and Jack could do nothing but shrink into the white wall letting his hands come up to cover his face as he curled into a pathetic sobbing mess and staff swarmed his mother's bed, probably trying to get a decent shot at her with a needle. And as her terrified screams died down the only sound in the room was the broken weeping of Sean McLoughlin. One of the carers carefully pulled the red eyed boy from the floor and let him lean heavily on him before they reached a room made blurry by Jack's uncontrollable tears.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Jack was whispering on repeat. He didn't know when he'd started doing it and he didn't know when he would stop. He didn't even know what he was sorry for, but it didn't matter, maybe if he said it enough he might be forgiven for being the worst human to ever walk this earth.

Because he should've been able to handle it. That was his job. He wasn't allowed to loose it over something as small as an episode, something he knew she was prone to. Something that shouldn't hurt him anymore. She didn't know what she was saying, her delusions were getting stronger, more real. The sickness in her brain was gaining a tighter hold of her. Why should he be allowed to cry? If anyone should be crying it should be her. Not his stupid ass.

He felt himself being lain gently on something soft and comfortable as hiccups made his body jump every 5 seconds.

"It's all gonna be fine, bro. C'mon deep breaths. Try to copy my breathing, Jackaboy." The carer, Felix, said quietly but firmly, leaving Jack no option but to do as he said and try his best to match his own short, dizzying breaths to the Swedish man's slow and deep inhalations. "That's it, Jack, nice and calm. Keep it going, that's it, brilliant, well done."

Slowly, despite himself, Jack began to calm down. He stopped hyperventilating and the dizziness slowly cleared as oxygen made it's way to his brain, bringing him back to reality.

But no matter how many attempts Felix made to comfort the quivering teen, Jack couldn't help but think about how incredibly not okay everything was going to be.


Heya! This got so freaking sad oh man I feel bad :/ But all the same I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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