Chapter 2

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In the darkness, muffled moans pierced the silence of the room. Arnav looked at the body that writhed beneath him without a trace of emotion on his taut face. He got no satisfaction from this, but he couldn't possibly avoid it too. As a bead of sweat trickled down his face, to his neck, into his undervest, he increased the pressure. The resulting scream, and a rush of uninhibited words, however, were pleasurable to his ears. Slowly he pulled off his booted foot from windpipe he was choking in the strong room under his club. The man who lay bound and bloodied on the floor lost consciousness. "Make sure he does not die," picking a small towel draped on the back of the lone wooden chair in the room he instructed his two men who were standing in the shadows before leaving. 

Outside, in a bare ante-room with a small table and chair, laid his shirt, cotton blazer, mobile, wallet and gun holster. Wiping the sweat off his face and blood off his hands, he picked up the mobile first and foremost and pressed the number that was on top of his speed dial list.

"Ji bhai," Aman picked on the other side on the first ring.

"Did you know that this item from Central Narcotics is the son-in-law of Faridabad's police commissioner?"

"WHAT?" Aman shrieked like a small girl in a candy store. "Bhai, please tell me you didn't kill him. Golden goose, golden eggs, bhai," his voice reeked with desperation.

"Of course not. He had been here for less than two weeks before getting caught," Arnav gruffed. "The moron knows less about us than what we know about him."


"Call Commissioner Suresh Chattarpati of Faridabad and let him know that his daughter and grandchild's happiness is safe with us. If he wants it to stay that way, he should be prepared to dispense some small favors."


"I never ask for much."

Aman giggled. "What a day bhai, direct line to Delhi Police Force and that too to a commissioner. Lottery lag gayi!! "

"I just hope this Chattarpati is not those troublesome moralistic-honest types."

"That type is found only in the museum these days, bhai, don't worry."

"Hmm.. contact him then. Where are you right now?" he asked while donning his shirt and buttoning it up.

"I am on my way to Vaghela House with Nandu, as you had instructed."

"Good. I'll be there in next half an hour," he started to disconnect the line.



"Thank you for keeping Nandu out of the club."

Arnav grunted inaudibly, then said, "Half an hour," and disconnected.






In Vaghela Mansion, post-lunch chit-chat session was in progress amid gaiety. Wedding details were getting finalized with congenial smiles.

Khushi grinned when she caught her bhaiya stealing glances at her to be bhabhi. Does he think no one is noticing? How cute! 

This was the first time she has met her would be sister-in-law Natasha in person. The alliance had been fixed while she was away in Los Angeles, therefore she had been able to just see her pictures and talk to her on phone a handful of times. This was an arranged match. Natasha bhabhi's father was the new corporator of their block to whom dadu had gone to wish Diwali with some gifts. That was where he had seen his very beautiful and homely daughter and selected her for his grandson. Bhaiya too had given his consent after meeting her. Her parents looked happy with the match, and except for the nature of their family business, they had every reason to be. But looked like they have accepted that part of their future son-in-law's life without much fuss. Good, good for everyone involved.

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