~Leo's POV~

Fire spread throughout my body. The heat was so intense I felt like my skin was in hell burning in an eternal flame. My head was throbbing and I could barley catch my breath. When I tried to breath in there was no pain, and I didn't understand why. I tried to open my eyes but nothing happened, they wouldn't budge. I began to get frustrated so I took in a deep breath and tried one more time and then my vision was filled with piercing white light.

The room around me was pure white and empty at first glance, except for me. Although my limbs felt completely numb I gathered up all my strength to sit up from the floor. I looked around the room in a complete daze when I spotted something across the room and completely froze. Laying across the room from me was somebody dressed completely in black making them stand out in the room we were in.

I wasn't sure what to do all I could see was the cloaked person across the room and I wasn't sure they were alive. Slowly my brain decided to finally function properly and I gained my balance on my feet and made my way towards the stranger. As I got closer I noticed the person was in fact alive and breathing just fine but must have been knocked unconscious. I slowly leaned down to take the hood off the mysterious stranger and almost was when the persons crisp blue eyes opened and threw me against the closest wall with their hand over my mouth.

I continued to scream as his hand was over my mouth but this wasn't helping me in any sort of way whatsoever. I struggled against the hooded person to try and get away but the person had a tight grip on me and wasn't letting up. My body seemed to work before my mind realized what I was doing when I bit the persons hand, causing them to drop there hand and then me heading butting them to get the person away from me.

Once I didn't feel anything from the head butt I got worried because them damn things always hurt but didn't have time as I saw the hooded person regain their composure.

"What do you want from me," I screamed as I fell back against the wall I was once forced on.

The hooded man never answered me, he turned his back and started to walk to the opposite wall.

"Hello," I yelled as I ran over to him and grabbed the back of his hood making it fall!

The stranger quickly turned around and all I could do was scream in that moment because I wasn't looking in a mirror I was looking at a part of me.

~Josh's POV~

I was sitting in my father's office as he video chatted with my uncle. My uncle was on the Council as the wolf representative and he was filling my father in on what was exactly happening with the Order. I zoned out while they were talking because I knew my father would inform me later. All I could do was think about how Leo was in the pack's hospital and still in an unresponsive coma. He was just sitting there lifeless and it hurts me to see him like that everyday. I want to feel his warmth radiate off his body again and to see his beautiful blue eyes I miss so much. I must have whined or made a noise because my father looked up at me from the video chat with a worried expression.

"Josh are you okay," he asked me?

I looked up at him and gave him a 'are you kidding me' look. He put his hands up in surrender and looked back down at his desk to continue the video chat with my uncle. I must have zoned out again be use when I looked back up my father was off video chat with Uncle John. So I breathed out heavily and said, "What did he say?"

My father looked up at me in surprise and then looked back down at his desk. I could tell something was wrong because he wasn't talking to me. I saw him breathe in heavily and sigh as he leaned back in his chair. I waited patiently form him to look at me again and when he did he was staring at me now with no emotion in his face.

"Dad what's going on," I asked him with worry in my tone?

"Son, from what your Uncle told me all hell is about to break loose in the supernatural world. I hate to say this but I'm afraid some people aren't going to live to see if the Order every becomes balanced again," he said and then got up and walked out of his office.

"Wait what," I said as I followed up out of his office?

"The Order is broken son and now the representatives on the council are trying to make sure the creatures of the supernatural world don't go into war," my father said as we made our way towards the pack house's kitchen.

"War," I practically yelled as my father turned to face me!

"Yes Josh war. The Order has been broken and most people don't feel safe anymore so they want to protect themselves and since their aren't laws at the moment anymore wars between the supernatural creatures are breaking out little by little until someone has control," my father said as calmly as possible.

"Holy shit!" I mumbled as I processed everything.

"It's ok son right now everything is controllable and the Council is working on a way to restore the Order. So right now the best thing to do is to make sure Leo gets better," my father said as he kissed me on the forehead and walked away.

He was right the only thing I needed to worry about at the moment was getting Leo back.

My Leo back.



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