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Steph's POV
"Bring it in girls!!!!" Coach Robbie yells. We all stop what we are doing and gather in to see what he is going to say to us. "Good practice girls, you really worked hard today. Our first game is on Saturday, and today is Thursday. This leaves you a day to rest yourselves before our season opener. Don't be stupid and hurt yourself, especially if you are starting the game." I tense up after he mentions the starting part. None of us know who the starting line up is and I really want to be on it. I've worked so hard all through out pre season and I really think I deserve it. "Coach who's starting?" Asked my teammate Liz. "I was just getting to that" Coach responded. "Ok here's the lineup" he goes on "Elizabeth, you're goalie." Liz smiles, but I can tell she's screaming inside. "Rachel, right defence." I start to tense up even more. "Stephanie, left defence." YESS I DID IT. IM SO HAPPY!!!! "Alexa, centre" Coach continues. "Samantha, left wing and Sydney, right wing. Now have a good night and rest up for the game." Coach continued. We give him a hand shake and walk to the dressing rooms to change out of our shit.
Once we change out of our stuff we all stall in the dressing room. After every practice, my team likes to stay in the dressing room and watch musical.lys because we find them really funny. "Guys look and the new Jacob Sartourious one. I cringed so hard." Said Sydney leaning to me and showing me the musical.ly. He was rubbing his chest and lip synching to some annoying speed up of "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes. "His cheeks are so red!! Like, whyyyyyy" I say while laughing. "Syd, Steph look at this caption by Hunter Rowland." Says Jessica running over to where we are. It was an awkward looking selfie and the caption was "I need a girlfriend 😂💗😍" "I CAN BE HIS GIRLFRIEND" yelled Sam in a sarcastic tone from the other side of the room. "Samantha Rowland!!!" I yelled back at her. Then we both laughed. "Hey guys look at this Blake Gray Instagram post. Doesn't he look like a mushroom??" I said showing everyone. "Omg he does." Said Pam. We were all laughing until we heard a knock on the door. "STEPH HURRY UP MOMS WAITING!!" I instantly recognize that voice. It's my older brother. "Looks like I gotta go now. See you at the game!!" I say to my team. "Bye Steph!!" They all yell and I walk out of the dressing room with my big hockey bag.
"Trent turn on the news I need to listen to the traffic." My mom says. Trent quickly obeys and turns it on to the news station. "President Trump has his first meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau...." The news person says. "I can't believe Trump is president now." My mom says trying to make conversation. "Yeah" I say. Then I take out my phone and start to browse on social media. "Mom is it a PA day tomorrow?" I ask. "Yup. For the both of you." She replies. "Mom I'm hanging out at the skate park tomorrow with Drake and Justin." Trent says. "White boy." I mutter. "Shut up Steph. And besides, I'm half Asian and not full white." He replies. "Steph do you have plans?" Mom asks. "Nah, just playing the bass and drawing race cars and taking shots in the ally." I say.
The car ride goes fairly quickly after that and I go to my room, take a shower and then pass out in my bed. Tomorrow is gonna be chill.

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