the sun and pluto

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1. the star around which the earth orbits.


the sun was her worst enemy.

with it, it only brought back sick memories of the tyrants, the heartbreakers, the thieves, and the wolves who would not stop their harassment until they were the ones— and the only ones— on the top of the food chain. 

she despised  them.

those who craved the spotlight and the attention; those who commit their entire beings to absolutely any deed, no matter the repercussion, to hold that shameful fame in their hands for a matter of mere minutes

the supposed warm and comforting feeling of the sun rays on one's flesh was stripped away and replaced with oppression, leaving her in a colorless, cold and empty world. 

at times she'd wonder if life would be best lived as a recluse, cutting off absolutely all contact with the outside world, living like an empty soul; comparable with litter being repeatedly run over on the streets and freeways.

neglected. forgotten. 

she ostracized herself, distancing herself from friends and family who eventually gave up on attempting any form of reconciliation. 

but somehow, he still managed to break through the walls she spent years building and restoring, using all his willpower and determination to reach her at the end of the dark tunnel.

she remembers it clearly— a hand outstretched, eyes shining brighter than any star her eyes had ever had the pleasure of capturing. 

"i'm here for you," he says, a voice sweet like honey, but also musky and deep; the comforting scent of mint and cotton overwhelming her senses.

the feeling of warmth that her skin hadn't felt in so long sent shivers throughout her entire being; having been a body not accustomed to this foreign sensation. 

"come," he says, "take my hand, and we'll go on this journey together."

her cold hands reach for his warm ones, and the life returns to her once desensitized irises.



interpret this however you'd like lol

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