Fire, and the fire girl

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We found Michael snooping around but agreed to let him stay if he made land mines for our supply's we are walking when we smell smoke and then we see fire! We all run and run until we find a clearing, we each have a few burns but other than then that we made it out alive. I have a burn on my side and my back. I start to walk in front of everyone and then find a pond, " HEY GUYS I FOUND WATER!" I exclaim. They all run and see the stream. We all walk to it and then Marvel yells, " LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" We turn and see fire girl is dozing off in the shallow end of the water. At the sound of our voice she wakes up and runs, with us right behind her. She scales a tree and when Glimmer shoots an arrow Katniss grabs it and waves it a above her head, teasing us!
" How are you?" Katniss asks.
" Fine, you?" Cato replies.
" Its a bit warm for me, why don't you come up?" Katniss teases.
"Think I will!" Cato responds. He starts to climb, " GET HER CATO! KILL HER CATO!" I scream.
"COME ON KILL HER!" Marvel yells.
When Cato is 10 ft he falls, I resist the urge to help him up and look at fire girl, " Let's just wait her out!" Our heads snap to Peeta, " She can't be in the tree forever, we'll be waiting when she comes out," Peeta says.
"Fine, someone make a fire!" Cato yells. Peeta goes to get firewood with Marvel, Glimmer and Cato go to find water and I just stare at fire girl, I sit down and stare at her but stay silent.
I throw my knives at a lizard until my shift is over, I wake up Glimmer who is sleeping in Cato's arms! Which should be me! What am I saying? Who do I love? I sigh and lay down using my backpack as a pillow, none of us pay attention to the faint buzzing.

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