The feast

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Ever since Cladius announced that there could be two winners that originate from the same district Cato and I made a pact, we don't try to kill each other and we help each other, it's better than nothing. We are settling down for bed in our new hideout, in a tree, when Cladius announces a feast, Cato and I stare at each other, fire girl will no doubt be there, we heard her shout Peeta's name so she is probably trying to nurse him back to life somewhere. I didn't tell Cato but I will kill fire girl, even if Cato claimed her, I will avenge Marvel, I look at Cato and it sends jolts in my body but I ignore it. We fall asleep, hoping for the feast to come.
"Ready to go Clover?" Cato asks, using his old nickname for me. I blush.
"Yep, let's go!" I cheer happily. We set on our way to the Cornucopia for the feast.
DARN IT FOXFACE! She just came out from the Cornucopia! We have to get in their next, or at least I have to. I knew all along that I have to protect Cato and make sure he wins, he will win. Cato is about to go but I put my hand on his shoulder, "Cato, don't please, give me ten minutes and then you can come out, trust me," I plead. He looks at me for a second and then kisses me, "I love you Clover," he says. I run out of the woods and circle the Cornucopia, I grab a knife from my wrist and aim at fire girl, it slashes her eyebrow and I come barreling at her, she shoots an arrow at my left arm so I stop and pull it out, I tackle her and we roll around for a little bit until I get on top of her and crush her windpipe, "Where's lover boy, oh I see! You come to help him right? Well we're gonna kill him, just like we killed your little friend, what was her name? Rue! Marvel killed her, now we are gonna kill you!" I laugh. I bring my knife to her throat but just as I make the first cut in her lip, a force pulls me off of her, I am dangling in the air and when I look up I see Thresh, "YOU KILL HER? DID YOU CHOP HER UP LIKE YOU WERE GONNA WITH THIS GIRL?!" Thresh yells.
"NO! NO! CATOOOOOO CATOOOO!" I scream. Then it hits me, Thresh bangs my head against the Cornucopia and I know I'm done for, I have a massive headache and it's getting hard to breathe, I faintly hear Thresh saying something but I need to concentrate on breathing, then Cato come up, "Clove! Come back please! Stay with me!" Cato cry's I look into his eyes and just before the darkness engulfed me I whisper, "I love you too" and then I am done for.
Hey guys! Thanks so much for reading my story! I hope you liked it please comment on what story I should do next.

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