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We leave our bags and go out to hunt tributes, before we go I hide my knives on me, I hide two knives on each side of my jacket, I rip some fabric from my jacket and tie it around my arm then slip knives all around my wrist, same with my legs and other arm, I put two knives in my pocket and put my last two knives securely in my hair. As we are about to leave we find-bread boy! Cato runs over to him and picks him up by the neck, "What do you think your doing lover boy?" Cato laughs bitterly.
" I will tell you where katniss is! Just let me go and I can help you guys!" Peeta gasps for air.
Cato looks at me and I nod, "He is our best chance," I say. Cato puts him down, hands him a spear and we walk into the woods, "hey there's smoke!" Glimmer shouts.
I cover her mouth with the palm of my hand, " shush blondie! Your gonna let them know we are coming after them!" I exclaim. I remove my hand and she sticks out her tongue. I roll my eyes. We walk to the fire and Cato hands his sword to Glimmer, that should be me! Don't think like that Clove! I grip Marvel's arm and watch Glimmer stab the district 8 girl, " now let's move on!" Cato whispers. We walk until we come to a tree and Cato says, " why isn't there a cannon?"
We start arguing until Peeta interrupts, " we're wasting time! I'll kill the girl and we'll move on!" He goes off.
"Why can't we just kill him now!" Glimmer complains.
" he's our best chance of finding her," Cato says. We all quiet down when Peeta comes back out of the trees, "Was she dead?" I ask.
" No." Peeta says. As if on cue the cannon goes off, " But she is now."
With that we walk off.

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