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Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness by theforbiddenforest
Stars Can't Shine Without Darknessby Anna
The Hunger Games from Glimmer's point of view. She falls in love with District Two's strongest boy, Cato, but does he only act so interested because of the Games? With...
  • katniss
  • games
  • rebellion
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Bring it Back by MyOwnClover
Bring it Backby Christine G. Carreon
Everything was going well for Glimmer and Cato. They were both happy in each other's arms and they were ready to take their relationship in another level. But everything...
  • glato
  • cato
  • clove
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Beauty and The Geek by Onenonlysamich
Beauty and The Geekby 1 n on1y Samich
Cato Hadley is new to Panem High School. He's a little . . . different than the other kids at his school. He has a big secret that would absolutely destroy his reputatio...
  • everlark
  • clato
  • clarvel
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The Princess and The Punk by Onenonlysamich
The Princess and The Punkby 1 n on1y Samich
Freshly out of high school, brand new to the world of college. What adventures could await Clove, Cato, and Glimmer? What will happen to Marvel after his brother and gir...
  • panem
  • fannie
  • drama
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(DISCONTINUED) The Quadwizard Tournament by HarryPotterNut
(DISCONTINUED) The Quadwizard HarryPotterNut
This story is going to be about Clove who goes to Panem Academy of Sorcery. Her school is participating in the Quadwizard Tournament which is to be held at Hogwarts Scho...
  • quadwizard
  • cato
  • goblet
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reasons Y glato is real by GlatoStarz
reasons Y glato is realby keeley
HA! Come at me clato shippers! ive got MOVIE EVIDENCE HERE muahahahahaha
  • glato
  • proof
  • glatoiscool
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Glato is real !! by GlatoIsReal
Glato is real !!by GlatoIsReal
Why glato exists
  • cloveisugly
  • hungergames
  • hunger
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Glimmer's Story by slyfox98
Glimmer's Storyby SlyFox98
The story of the tribute from District 1. The girl paired with Marvel. The girl who fights as a Career but also for a rank in her own family - she can't let them down. N...
  • glimmer
  • cat
  • weapons
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glato is reel and clato suks by GlatoIsReel
glato is reel and clato suksby kellie
i hav proof
  • noglarvel
  • thg
  • glatonotclato
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District High [Paused] by multixxfandomxx
District High [Paused]by Your local fan girl!
Welcome to District High. A high school in Panem. Clove, Cato , Glimmer and Marvel are the characters I'm going to focus on in this series! I hope you like it 😘
  • clarvel
  • glimmer
  • funny
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Panem high a clato story by Alex_Belle
Panem high a clato storyby Soni 💞
Imagine the hunger games characters were all in school there is some clato Fannie glarvel and everlark there's a lot of clato
  • clato
  • glato
  • fannie
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A very Clovely story by CLATOSHIPPER
A very Clovely storyby CLATOSHIPPER
Clove, the blood thirsty career from 2, isnt who you think she is. In this story, I will pretend Cato and clove won the Hunger Games. Read more to find out what would ha...
  • sevina
  • brutus
  • games
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Supernatural by FandomJunkie202
Supernaturalby Commonly Known
Its my first official story Sooo.... im sticking to it. What happens when Katniss is bitten by an unknown creature and wakes up 2 weeks later, only to realize shes on th...
  • fannie
  • gadge
  • clarvel
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GLATO IZ REEL! by clato-sux
GLATO IZ REEL!by glato 4 life
look at da moovies. dey luv echother.
  • glatoizreel
  • cato
  • kato
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The Hunger Games High School by parislover2374
The Hunger Games High Schoolby Adri
Takes place in modern day. Katniss Everdeen thinks she has her life figured out. One day this new kid, Peeta, comes to school and steals her heart. Join Katniss, Peeta...
  • fanfiction
  • katniss
  • everlark
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Glato? Yeah... No. by wow_imamess
Glato? Yeah... Ewe
I'm gonna join the Glato hate community thing. I have read many and I think I have some good points as well. Just to get this straight... I don't care about people's but...
  • glimmer
  • glatosucks
  • superior
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Tributes Of District 2- Cato and Clove by DarkDusk
Tributes Of District 2- Cato and Danie
We all know their names. Cato. Vicious, brutal, a Career.... and also a boy who lost his older sister to the Hunger Games. He is a boy who follows his instinct, and neve...
  • killers
  • life
  • rock
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A Spark by Tori_921
A Sparkby Tori_921
Has anyone ever wondered what goes on in the Career pack during the Hunger Games? Sure, everyone just naturally assumes that their there to win and that's it. But what...
  • glato
  • hungergames
  • glarvel
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Why Clato Sucks by glato12
Why Clato Sucksby glato12
  • wecan
  • shipping
  • glatonotclato
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Clato vs Clarvel vs Glato vs Glarvel by thehungergames4ever
Clato vs Clarvel vs Glato vs Chloe(Clo)
Clove loves Marvel Marvel loves Clove Cato loves Clove Glimmer loves Marvel So how is everything going to work out when they are all thrown into The Hunger Games? I will...
  • glimmer
  • glarvel
  • love
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