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Anna POV

We got home from our evening jog. So I threw on the TV and Hetalia was on we haven't seen it in a while so we were re-watching season one. While Toma took down his family katana from the wall to polish and see if it needs sharped. It's been in his family for a couple of centuries. While I have a german cross necklace from my great, great grandfather from WW1. It's been passed down the first born son but now it's will be first born because I'm an only child and a girl. I wear it all the time and they said it brings it brings good luck and helps guide you to your soulmate. My 2x great grandpa met my 2x great grandma we he came back to his hometown after losing his leg and aImost went insane during The Great War (WW1), my great grandpa met my great grandma at the hospital during WW2, my grandpa met grandma at jail after both were arrested during a peaceful protest, and my parents met after my mom bumped into my dad spilling hot coffee on him... I'm starting to question the 'good luck' that it has. Anyways we were re-watching season one. We were laughing at when Germany got captured he was yelling how you'll never break him and he'll never talk while Italy won't shut up. When a portal open and stuck us in. Next thing I know is I'm landing on a hood of a military jeep and rolling off and hitting the ground.

Toma POV

As I was falling I land in a pond I swam to shore and realized I'm wearing a Japanese military uniform and military style backpack with my family's kanata. I look around I'm next to a pond with short grass and no trees around and see a jeep stopped they were in the middle of getting out when Anna landed on the hood and rolled off hitting the ground. "Anna!" I yelled and run over to her. She was in a German military uniform with military backpack next to her and another right next to it looks like a satchel bag with a white circle with a red cross. "Anna are you ok?" she stood up using one arm for support on the car, coughs a couple of times and nods. She's probably got the wind knocked out of her. That's when we heard someone clear their throat to get our attention we looked over at them. We knew who they are. It was them...

The Axis.  

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