Story 3: Deadshot

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*The Year of 2022*

Deadshot: Okay........... Synthesis......... I'm in the building and I'm awaiting your orders.

Synthesis: Excellent Deadshot! Crosshair should be twenty inches to the north.

Deadshot: Twenty inches North? That's leading to a window. But I'll head there just in case.

Synthesis: Understood Deadshot.

*Twenty Inches North*

Deadshot: Gamma 3 to Gamma 1.......... Synthesis are you there?

Synthesis: I read you Gamma 3.......... Gamma 5 and Gamma 4 should be at your area. I'm getting their heat signs.

Deadshot: That's odd because I'm not getting their........ *Gets knocked out* Agh!

*Deadshot wakes up at a Lab strapped to a chair, right beside him is another body*

Deadshot: Hey! Dude wake up!

Crack Shot: Ow.

Deadshot: Who are you?

Crack Shot: Classified Information......... You?

Deadshot: Gamma 3 of the Huranki Gang.

Crack Shot: Huranki Gang! The Thieves of The Outskirts?

Deadshot: Yes. I was betrayed. Synthesis, Crosshair and Radar will pay for betraying me.

Crack Shot: That's only 4. Wasn't there five?

Deadshot: Used to be. Gamma 2 was killed a month ago by an Assassin. Poor Sonar. He was our Tech Master but he was killed in the fire.

Crack Shot: Say. We could get out of here alive.


Crack Shot: It's coming down! And it's about to blow!

*Blade crashes in*

Blade: Crack Shot! Thank god I found you!

*Sees Deadshot*

Blade: Who are you?

Deadshot: Name's Deadshot. I am a Tech Specialist.

Blade: Come!

*The Lab is about to erupt*

Deadshot: Go! I'll be right behind you!

*Blade and Crack Shot leave and Deadshot escapes but not before the explosion blinds him*

Deadshot: Agh! My eyes!

Blade: Deadshot! Are you alright?

Deadshot: I think so.......... *Lifts up his head and his eyes are completely white*

Blade: Deadshot.......... Can you see?

Deadshot: N-No......... I-I can't see! Synthesis will die!

Blade: You can't see though?

Deadshot: *Focuses on the sound of a bird then pulls the trigger of his pistol and kills the bird with one shot* I don't need to see......... I just need to hear his voice. He is a dead man!

Crack Shot: He's lost his eyesight. But he still fights onward........ Why does he do that Blade?

Blade: Because he's spirited. I need someone of his expertise. He is the Best Technician that The Outskirts needs. The Fireteam Crimson is only halfway to full capacity. With him on our side we'll be seventy-five percent filled in for the spots.

Crack Shot: Understood.

Blade: Deadshot. We shall help you avenge your eyes to Synthesis and his Bandits.

Deadshot: Give me the materials and I'll personally end him.

Blade: That's the spirit! Go!

*Thirteen Days Later at the Huranki Base*

Synthesis: Sharpshooter, Daggers, Radar, Crosshairs. Defend me!

Deadshot: *Voice Echoing* Synthesis! I see you but you can't see me!

Synthesis: Who's there!

Deadshot: *Puts on his helmet* Perhaps you've forgotten the man that you've abandoned......... The man you have betrayed......... The man that has returned and is out for your blood and is thirsty for the deaths of your Bandits.

*Crosshairs runs up to Deadshot yelling*

Crosshairs: Ah! You will die now!

Deadshot: Crosshairs.......... *Pulls out his Blade and impales Crosshairs* Eliminated! *Scans behind him to find Daggers, Radar and Sharpshooter* Daggers, Radar and Sharpshooter. *Pulls out his Pistols and pulls the trigger three times* All three dead!

Synthesis: It can't be. You're blind!

Deadshot: *Grabs out his sniper rifle and pulls the trigger once and hits Synthesis in the neck* I may be blind but I can still hear you! *Grabs out his Blade and impales Synthesis's Heart* Blood for blood......... Your debt is paid.

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