Story 1: Red Reaper

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*In a distant future on Earth in the year of 2027*

Red Reaper: Red Reaper to Fireteam Crimson......... Blade? Crack Shot? Deadshot? Do you read me?


Red Reaper: That's what I was afraid of.

*Two Point Three Miles from Red Reaper's Location, a Sniper from a Rivaling Mercenary Group has Red Reaper in his Crosshairs*

Sniper: Gotcha..........

*Before the Sniper could pull the trigger, Crack Shot shoots the Sniper in the head from three miles away from the Sniper's Location*

Crack Shot: Gotcha.

*Red Reaper still tried contacting the Fireteam Crimson*

Red Reaper: Crack Shot! Blade! Deadshot!

*Red Reaper hears a branch break*

Red Reaper: *Pulls out his gun* Who goes there!

Shatter: Nice running into you again. Red Reaper.

Red Reaper: Well well well......... If it isn't Shatter from the Yatagi Mercenary Crew.

Clunk: And Clunk!

Red Reaper: Clunk from the Gatash Mercenaries. Anyone else?

Hunt: I'm surprised Red Reaper. You forgot about me joining the party.

Red Reaper: Hunt from the Fireteam Navy? What are you doing in "The Outskirts"?

Hunt: The Outskirts is my home. And you and your team are trespassing. Clunk, Shatter! Head back to your bosses and tell them to get ready! Fireteam Crimson are going to have a............. Blast!

*Hunt grabs out his explosive but before he could throw it Deadshot pops out of nowhere and kicks it out of his hand, grabs out his Experimental Pistol and shoots the explosive*

Deadshot: Ya miss me Hunt?

Hunt: Deadshot! Just the Merc I was looking for.......... Crush!

Crush: Me squish you Deadshot!

Deadshot: You are dumb as a brick Crush! You speak like Caveman! It funny to me! Me blows you brains out!

Crush: You no funny!

Deadshot: I think I am! Crack Shot? You there?

Crack Shot: Be quiet keep them stalled!

Deadshot: You got it. Say. Where's your boss Hunt? I hear Gyro has been looking for my boss for a decade now.

Hunt: *Contacts Gyro* Gyro! Boss we have a visitor coming by.

Gyro: Bring them in. Fireteam Crimson wants to deal with Fireteam Navy. We can bargain.

Red Reaper: Are you sure that this is smart?

Deadshot: Don't worry....... We got this. Blade will end this later.

Red Reaper: Right.

*At Gyro's Palace*

Gyro: Welcome......... Deadshot, Red Reaper. I hear that you have a proposition for me?

Deadshot: Yes Gyro. Now we know that you are a famous assassin........ Our proposition is that we ask you for immunity, for the Fireteam Crimson and the Fireteam Navy to never see each other again without violence.

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