Story 4: Blade

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*Year 2022, At Blade's Location*

Red Reaper: Blade. Where's Crack Shot?

Blade: He's looking for new recruits for our cause. Fireteam Crimson is in need of new Mercenaries with the need of killing for money and lots of it. Now if you excuse me I'll be at my quarters getting some rest.

*At Blade's Quarters, Blade falls asleep and has a flashback*

Blade: What the? Where the hell am I? This place.......... It feels familiar..........

????: That's because you remember your past!

Blade: Who are you!

Najan: I am hurt that you don't remember your cousin Ryaoto.

Blade: I do not go by that name anymore Najan!

Najan: I am not just Najan anymore Ryaoto. I am the Follower of the Great Gatash......... I am Drah'Nah!

Blade: Let's finish this here and now Najan!

Drah'Nah: Not if I have anything to say about it!

*Drah'Nah disappears*

Blade: *Turns around and sees the view has changed* What is this?

Flashback Red Reaper: And all we need to do now is just attack Ryaoto's Base. That outta flush him out from where he is.

Blade: Red Reaper?

Yatagi Commander: Zztch-Vrooztch-Vazzztch! *Navy Beetle our troops are ready!*

Navy Beetle: Let's go then! Zztatch! *Move out!*

Blade: This couldn't have been............

*Blade closes his eyes and opens them and sees a new view*

Flashback Crack Shot: Now if Zabo the Grotesque wants me to kill Ryaoto's Camp Leaders then perhaps it should be easy then.

Vato the Hunter: You know that Zabo's Boss Junavo the Huntarian is paying you big money to kill Ryaoto's Troops. You think you are up for it Grim Shock?

Grim Shock: Of course Vato.

Blade: My........... Team? *Closes his eyes then opens them again and sees Deadshot laying down in front of a Totem*

Blade: This must be the new recruit.

*Someone busts in*

Radar: Deadeye! Get up! We need to get moving!

Deadeye: Radar! Let's move out then! Synthesis will get his money!

Blade: My past........... It can't be true though.

*Blade wakes up*

Blade: Ryaoto........... My name means nothing to me now.

Red Reaper: Boss! Crack Shot needs your help! He's been captured!

Blade: Okay Navy........... I mean Red Reaper!

Red Reaper: Did you just.......... Never mind let's go boss!

*After saving Crack Shot and Deadshot and Synthesis's Death*

Blade: I have something to tell you guys. My past......... Involved my cousin Najan that is Gatash's Best Bladesman. I had an actual name that I don't live up to anymore. My name is Ryaoto Crimson. I was a Mercenary that kept his past a secret for my own safety.

Red Reaper: My past involved me being Yatagi's Demolition Specialist but since Yatagi sent his Mercenaries to kill me I defected and became Red Reaper. Yatagi is my enemy and I will see him dead.

Crack Shot: I was Junavo's Right Hand man. My name at the time was Grim Shock. Vato the Hunter was Juvano's younger brother. When I killed Vato the Hunter I was targeted by Juvano's Mercenaries. I am still wanted to this day.

Deadshot: As Crack Shot and Blade already know I was Synthesis's Left Hand Man. I was the Tech Specialist and was betrayed by my team and I lost my eye sight. But I was known as Deadeye and my actual name wasn't Deadshot but it was Kenoto Harigan. I am the Lost Mercenary.

Blade: Wait Kenoto Harigan? Did-Did you lose your parents in the Mercenary War? Are you the same Kenoto Harigan that abandoned his whole clan because his parents died?

Deadshot: Yes.

Blade: Ysano-Vioka-Kisano. *I am Sorry Kenoto.*

Deadshot: Viako-Zasdrah-Harinito. *That was in the past. I am different now.* Vookosla-Drabtraq. *I am Deadshot now.*

Crack Shot/Red Reaper: What is that?

Deadshot: Hariganian. My Family's Language. I am very fluent in the language. I was raised with it.

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