Story 2: Crack Shot

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*In the Year 2024*

Deadshot: The Forbidden City. Lastria........ The Land of the Unknown. Tell me why are we here exactly Crack Shot?

Crack Shot: We are here specifically to kill a certain Yatagi Mercenary and we will be getting help from a Gatash Mercenary Codenamed "Punish"

Deadshot: Okay and they are in Lastria?

Crack Shot: Yes.

*Punish jumps off of a tree*

Punish: Gunami-Devata-Gatash. *I have been waiting for you by the name of the Great Gatash the Monstrous.*

Deadshot: Desovata-Figuma-Fetasha, Degava-Gavastra-Heilei-Dusuma. *We know your boss, tell us why we are here.*

Punish: Seivaka-Duuna-Figata-Nikubu. *We are here due to my boss wanting you two to kill a Yatagian Assassin.*

Deadshot: Yatagi-Sivaka-Lusasis-Ditaka-Niyani? *Do you know what this Assassin look like or what it's Codename is?*

Punish: Devaka-Utara. *Codename is Illuminate.*

Crack Shot: You know Deadshot....... You'll have to translate it for me.

Deadshot: Way ahead of you. *Activates Gatashan Translator*

Punish: Illuminate is in the South Tower. Be careful he is a deadly alien that can't speak because his species......... Yatagi's Crew is from a Planet called Yata a planet where the grunts don't speak and always do what the Leader says. The Leader is the only that can speak.

Deadshot: How do they communicate?

Punish: They answer by drawing weapons.

Deadshot: My favorite way of answering my enemies. I'm the Fastest QuickDraw that Illuminate will die. By my Pistol.

Punish: Don't underestimate Illuminate. Illuminate's title is "The QuickDraw" and I am Punish the Ghost.

Deadshot: Deadshot.

Crack Shot: Crack Shot.

Punish: Your real identity?

Crack Shot: Classified.

Deadshot: If we told you....... You'd have to die.

Punish: I understand that assessment. Let's get the job done.

*At Illuminate's Location*

Illuminate: Degoovei-Jovashcha-Kulavan! *Show yourselves cowards!*

Deadshot: *Via Helmet Communicator* Crack Shot......... I'll send you the signal to take out Illuminate........... You copy?

Crack Shot: *Via Helmet Communicator* I copy that......... I'm ready for the kill.

*Illuminate wonders around*

Illuminate: Seivana-Dukeinaveina........... Lutei! Vukana-Duvenei! *I know you're here! Come out fools!*

Crack Shot: Now?

Deadshot: Not yet.........

*Illuminate gets into Crack Shot's Crosshairs*

Crack Shot: Now?

Deadshot: Now!

*Crack Shot pulls the trigger and Illuminate gets shot in the head*

Crack Shot: Gotcha!

Deadshot: Excellent shot!

*Deadshot hears a gun getting primed, then turns around and Punish has the gun to Crack Shot's head*

Punish: Thanks for eliminating my rival buddies! Gatash will be so proud when both of you are dead.

Deadshot: You set this up.

Punish: I did.

Deadshot: Good. Because *Click* *Kaboom* I set you up too! Hoogyna!

Punish: No!

*Punish dies from the 300 foot fall*

Crack Shot: Hoogyna?

Deadshot: Gatashan for "Goodbye".

Crack Shot: Should we report?

Deadshot: Best we don't. We have Gatash the Monstrous and Yatagi the Hunter on us now. We are going to have a big bounty on both our heads. Let's head out to my Safe Quarters.

*At Deadshot's Safe Quarters*

Crack Shot: What is this place located in exactly?

Deadshot: Have you heard of the Location called "Lost Foundry"?

Crack Shot: Yes.

Deadshot: That's where this place is located in. In the morning Villagers from Devil's Dare Valley wander around looking for supplies to sell. Mainly scraps from Malfunctioning Droids and Disassembled Automatons from Electro Cave. During the daytime mercenaries from Yatagi and Gatash wander around looking for things to kill or steal. At that same time other Mercenaries like Tumagio the Undead, Gyzar the Bloody and Juvaso the Huntarian also wander around looking for new recruits for their cause.

Crack Shot: Gyzar the Bloody? Tumagio the Undead? Juvaso the Huntarian? Who are they?

Deadshot: Gyzar the Bloody is a Relentless and Reckless man. The boss of his own Mercenary Group his only purpose is to kill everything in sight. His rival Tumagio the Undead is as the Title says: "An Undead Merc with the Bloodthirsty that needs quenching. Being the boss of his own Undead Mercenary Group he wreaks havoc upon all of what's left of Earth." And Juvaso the Huntarian, he's the boss of the Huntarians a group of Mercenary Bandits that love to fight everyone and everything without thinking twice.

Crack Shot: Are they rivals of ours?

Juvaso the Huntarian: Fiago-Dèàsso. *You tell me.*

Tumagio the Undead: Ugh.......... *You step upon the land of Tumagio the Undead.*

Gyzar the Bloody: Yaga-Biaso! *You mean Gyzar the Bloody!*

Deadshot: Gianto-Viaka! *I am Deashot of Fireteam Crimson!* Heinoko-Figiabat! *And I am going to end you all!*

Crack Shot: You are fluent in their languages?

Deadshot: I research their archives a lot....... Lots of messed up history. None that related to us being on their Sacred Lands.

Crack Shot: What are we going to do?

Deadshot: Red Reaper?

*Explosions happen killing the three Merc Bosses*

Deadshot: There easy as pie. Tumagio, Gyzar and Juvaso........ Easiest kills ever.

*Year 2037*

Deadshot: My turn.

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