Spring Fever Madness

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Spring Fever Madness

By: Jessie Quinn

Winter's leaving!

Spring arrives!

It brings some cheer into our dreary lives!

Flowers bloom!

Birds chirp!

Deer prance about!

Spring is when

All the animals come out!

Hip-hip hooray!

Spring is here!

Everyone's ready to dance and cheer!

Get outside!

Dance and play!

Go on folks!

Have a great day!

Sports are fun

There's a lot to do

There's tons of sports for me and you!

Jump some rope!

Don't be a dope!

Spring fever!

That's what we got!

We got spring fever!

And we got it a lot!

Don't worry!

It's not a germ!

It just makes you wanna

Squirm like a worm!

Jump off a bridge!

Try to fly!


You won't fall and die!

Birds chirping.

Deer roaming about.

That's what spring time is all about.

Warning! Do NOT try this at home.

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