Looking For a Mind at Work

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I stepped outside the carriage and smiled as I watched all the excitement happening in the square. I waited for her sisters to get out of the buggy. While Eliza had remained silent during the ride, Peggy had bombarded me  with questions. Peggy opened her mouth to ask again why we were deliberately breaking their father's rules, but I  shushed her.

"Peggy, listen. It's the sound of history being made. So many new ideas. So many... new faces." I said and bit my lip, looking through the crowd. I knew I had to marry rich because of father's lack of sons, however that didn't mean that I would marry who ever I was set up with. No, it was 1776. I deserved to chose my own husband.

We started walking around the square.

"-extraordinary brains-"

"Oh yeah.He's great with-"

"-new and good-looking."

"Peggy, Eliza who are they talking about?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. Something Hamilton." said Eliza.

"He sounds very smart and handsome." Peggy sighed.

"We'll ask someone then." I walked up to two ladies who were conversing about the mysterious Hamilton. "Pardon me," she said and they looked at her. "Can you tell me anything about, um, Hamilton."

The first one to speak was wearing a dress in the shade of lilac. "I'm surprised you hadn't heard yet. Everyone's talking about it." The second one, who was wearing a dress, spoke. "Alexander Hamilton. He's very smart and attractive. Rumor has it that he is unmarried."

"Do you know where I can find him?"  I asked hopefully.

The women turned and pointed to a crowd of people around two men arguing. One was talking very fast. He was short and had a long dark ponytail. He was skinny and kind of dirty. That somehow made him even more attractive. The other was taller with better clothes and shorter hair. I could immediately tell which one was Alexander. I immediately fell for Alexander.

I looked behind me at my sisters and Eliza just shrugged.

"Eh, he's not really my type." Eliza said. Besides, she already had a boyfriend, Hercules Mulligan. I remember the night she met him. We were at her first Summer's Ball. You have to be at least 18 to be able to attend. She has an unlucky August birthday and had to wait until this year to go with me. But since this was her first year, she wasn't quite sure of what to do. She knew her manners and protocol, but she had no one to dance with. That's when a young man came up to her and asked for a dance. She was helpless in his eyes. I could see them spending the rest of their days together. She smiled and of course said yes. The whole night they talked and danced and laughed and flirted. I could tell that he was a nice man and Eliza was obviously was into him. But Alexander, whoa, he's set my heart on fire.

We watched him for awhile as he fought and the blazing tone of his voice captivated me. I couldn't hear what he was saying but I could tell it was important to him. I watched him dance around his opponent. I wanted to tell my sisters that I was going to go say hello, but when I turned around, they were gone. I looked around frantically and saw that were stepping into the carriage. The sun was going down. I had to leave if I wanted to be home in time for supper. Daddy gets mad when we aren't home for supper. I raced towards my sisters and allowed the chauffeur to escort me into the carriage. He knew that we had to get home soon, so he cracked the whips and we were off. I just hoped that I would see Alexander again. His face was engraved to my memory forever. His eyes burned into my heart. I thought about him for the entire ride home.

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