☽ | Walt Disney's Ghost Still Leaves The Light On

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When you enter Disneyland, not long after you pass through the entrance on Main Street, you will see the Fire House to your left. Walt Disney himself used to have an apartment on the second floor of the Fire House, and he would stay there often, hosting various VIPs and celebrities as his personal guests. Whenever he was staying at the apartment, he'd light the lamp in the second story window to let people know he was in residence.

Apparently, it became his permanent residence as his spirit never left.

The story says that a member of the custodial staff was cleaning the apartment shortly after Walt Disney had passed away, and turned the lamp off as she left and locked up. When she got outside, she looked up to see that the lamp was still on. Thinking she might have forgotten, she went back inside and turned it off a second time. When she looked up at the window, the same thing happened - the lamp was on again. So she returned to the apartment one more time, but didn't leave after turning off the lamp. Immediately, she heard a clicking sound and the lamp turned itself back on right in front of her. She ran out of the apartment screaming, and ever since, the park has kept the lamp burning as a tribute to Walt Disney, still watching over his life's work that he loved.

To this day, cast members report they can hear footsteps and knocking coming from inside the apartment, and occasionally from the corner of their eye, they'll see the curtains twitch and a brief flash of someone stepping back from the window.

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