Running With Scissors Hurts. 1

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Chap. 1.

Kristanna’s  POV

I sat in the corner of the library. 


Being the nerd really sucks.

Having no friends, sucks more.

I remember.

Being the out-going one, back in middle-school.

But now?

I’m the quiet one.

The loner.

The nerd.

All my friends in middle-school left me during the summer.

Carmen moved to Georgia.

Jazz transferred schools.

And Millie is getting home schooled.

So here I am.

The first day back.

And I’m eating lunch in the library.

I opened my book after I finished eating.

I don’t get why I’m not talkative anymore.

I mean.

If I wanted and put effort into it, I could be popular.

Why don’t I?

I mean, I have a decent figure.

I’m smart.

I’m actually pretty fun to be around.

I can be quiet.

I mean honestly?

The thing holding me back is.. I don’t wanna be like them.

I never wanted to be popular and I don’t plan on it.

I mean.

I will admit it.

My best friend was popular but, I knew her since 4th grade!


I gave up trying to read.

My mind was too distant.

I plugged my headphones in and started blasting, Nothing Lasts Forever, by Midnight Hour.

I sighed and got up.

I entered the cafeteria and dumped the crappy food away.

I cautiously exited the cafeteria, not bringing any attention to myself.


I hate attention.

I mean seriously?

Who wants all their business in everyone’s fuckin faces?

Not me.


I made my way outside onto the bleachers.

Nobody was out here, I mean who would be?

It’s the middle of December.

My dark hair blew around my face.

I changed the song to Bleed by Hot Chelle Rae.

“I’ll bleed my heart out on this paper.

So you can see what I can’t say.

I’m drowning here.

Cause I can’t say what I want to.

I’ll bleed my heart out just for you.”

I sang.


I have this bizarre feeling someone’s watching me.

I turned around and saw the biggest jerk in our school.

Tanner Goodman stood there listening to the nerd sing.


His last name’s full of shit.

Good man my ass.

I frowned.

Pushing my headphones in, I started to walk away towards the school.

Tanner’s arm shot out and grabbed my arm tightly.

“That was..” He began.

“Pipe it. I don’t give a fuck what you think.” I snapped.

They’re the reason my friends moved.

Him and his little ‘crew’ ruined my best friend’s lives!

“Watch what you say little one.” He warned.

“Bitch please. I’m your age. Little one my ass.” I smirked and pulled m arm away and continued to walk.

“Hey! Get back here you little skank!” He sneered.


From happy-go-lucky to his time of the day?

Bi-polar anyone?

I kept walking.

I knew it would annoy him.

“Come here you piece of shit!” He yelled.

I continued walking.

“What? Scared I’m gonna hurt you? Nerd.”

I scoffed.

“Listen here you little slut. I’m not a skank. Nor am I any piece of shit. And you know what. Fuck yeah I’m scared you’ll hurt me. God only knows what other girls you’ve abused!” I yelled at his face an walked away furious.

Nobody talks to me and they’re smart not to.

This time as I walked away, that bastard, he didn’t follow me.

But I could’ve sworn that he said, “I’ll make your life. A living hell. Just watch.”

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