Running With Scissors Hurts. 5.

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Chap. 5.

Kristanna's POV

I laid in my bed all comfortable.

I rolled over.

Why can't Carmen come back?

Or Millie?

What about Jazz?

I mean, thay all just left me here on my own!

I frowned.

Getting up, I put on some clothes for school.

I'm not getting any sleep apparently.

I started roaming my empty house.


My parents died 2 years ago.

And I'm an only child.

I've been living on my own since their deaths.

I entered my parents bedroom.

I choaked on a sob.

Be strong Kristanna.

But it's so hard.

I know hun. But you gotta keep moving foward.

You sound like the dude from the movie Meet The Robinsons...

Shut up and laeve their room.

I sighed.

I'm talking to myself.

"I need a life." I muttered.

I walked outta the room, closing the door slightly.

Tears glazed over my eyes.

The only ones who knew about my parents were my friends.

Nobody else.

And I planned on keeping it that way.

Why do ya'll think I don't date?

Cause eventually..

The guy has to meet the girl's parents.

And uh.

He can't meet mine!


I finished getting ready for school which is in...

5 hours.

I laid on the couch.

I fell asleep murmering, "Mum. Dad. I love ya'll."


Bailey's POV

I stared at the text from Tanny.


We're not dating.

You're just a one time thing.

~ Tanner.



"Bailey. Mmhmm. Come back to bed." Moaned Jackson.

"Uh -huh." I mumbled.

I crawled back to bed.

He pulled me against his naked-self.

Sparks erupted all over from his simple touch.

Screw Tanny.

He can't make me feel special.

Although he is one good fuck.


Chase's POV

"Aye bro! I need your help!" Tanner called to me this morning.

"Yeah?" I asked him.

"I need to get close to.. That nerd...?" He led off. he obviously couldn't remember her name.

"Kristanna..?" I answered. 

"Yeah, Her." He breathed.

"Why?" I questioned.

"Reasons..." He said.

He wants to fuck her!

"What about your girlfriend?" I snapped.

"Wha girlfriend?" Tanner asked stupidly.

"Bailey Lukewood." I answered in monotone.

"We were never together." He bit back.

"Whatever." I said.

"Can you help me out?" He asked, annoyed.

"Mmhmm.." I muttered.

"Great." He said, excited.

She seems like a good chick.

He better not fuck her over.


Hey guys! Sorry if this chapter sucks ;X Anyways. I threw in Bailey's POV.. Show you that she is a whore ;D Erm.. I'll try and update by Monday. I'm not promising anything. But I'll try. xx Kateee ;D

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