Running With Scissors Hurts. 8.

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Chap. 8.

Kristanna's POV

I stood there, shocked.

What did I just do?

"WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!" Tanner roared.

I flinched slightly.

"WHAT'D YOU DO?!" Tanner yelled at me again.

He shoved me against the wall.

Everyone's eyes were on us.

His hand around my neck.

I could hardly breathe.

"T-T-Tanner.." I sputtered.

Tanner smirked.

"What? Too much pressure?" He mocked, tightening his grip around my neck.

"T-T-Tanner.." I muttered, softly.

My eyelids began to close.

My breathing stopped.

I blacked out.

Chase's POV

"TANNER!" I screamed at my brother.

My hand wrapped around his and un-did his hands from Kristanna's neck.

 "What the fuck are you doing?!" I yelled at him.

He tripped backwards, landing on his ass.

"Did I- Do.. That?" He studdered.

"No. The boogeyman did you dumb-ass." I answered sarcastically.

"We gotta get her outta here." Tanner said.

"No. We wre just gonna leave her on the floor, out cold? God you're a dip." I told him, annoyed.

He picked Kristanna up in his arms and carried her to his car.

"You coming?" He questioned.

I nodded slightly and left into my car.

I suddenly realized something.

My brother's developing feelings for Kristanna.

The Jerk and The Nerd.

Haha, it works.

Kristanna's POV

I awoke, slowly.

Lifting one eyelid up caustiously, than the other.

Taking in my surroundings, I tried to sit up.

Someone's arm over my wasit restricted my mobility though.

I turned my head to see who it was.

And, it was no other than the jerk himself.

Tanner Goodman.


Hey guys(: Good chapter? I hope.. >.< I've been getting good reveiwswith this story so far and I'm super excited! Yeah, I'll add the title in so it makes a little more understanding, but that's later in the story. Love ya'll! xx Kate♥

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