Running With Scissors Hurts. 4.

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Chap. 4.

Tanner's POV

So her name's Kristanna?

Eh I guess.

I love how my brother is that smooth to her.


Chase is my brother.

Notice he's the only one that talks to her.

And saw the way he grinned?

He saw my little 'chat' with nerdy freak here earlier.


Revenge is a realy skank, and it's gonna bite geeky over there, on the ass. 



My brother is going do become 'best friends' with Kristanna and than leave her.


It might not.. Kill her... But still.

It'll hurt.

And yeah.

This is gonna take some time.

But pleae?

I got time.


Chase's POV

I smiled as I walked away from Kristanna.

She seems like a really nice girl.

Not the chick my brother described at all.

Except when she's pissed.

So i'm guessing.

Tanner did something to make her angry.

Speak of  the man-whore himself..

"Hey bro. How'd it go? She believe it??" He asked.

"Aye. Yeah she did. Do I honestly gotta do this?" I plead one last time.

"Yes." He states, a little annoyed.

I mean.

This is my, like 5th time, asking him.

I sighed in defeat.



Tanner's POV

 The day was finally over!

I laid in my bed waiting for tomorrow to come.

"Cause I want you. All To Myself." I hummed softly, trying not to wake my parents.

I wonder what Kristanna's doing right now..


Don't think about her man.

Think about Bailey.


Your hot slut of a girlfriend?

Huh? I have a girlfriend??


Since when?

That's what everyone's saying.

Wait. Bailey Lukewod? I asked my mind.

Yeah dude.


I glanced at my clock.

2 am.

I groaned.

I grabbed my cell and texted Bailey.


We're not dating.

You're just a one time thing.


I pressed send quickly.

The faster she gets it.

The faster I'm back to being 'single.'

I froned.

I need to bang a chick that's not clingy.


Cross Bailey Lukewood off that list...

I crossed her name off my imaginary list.


The next one is...

Who's that?

Kristanna Clark.

Is that-?


It can't be?



it is?


I know the perfect way to get to her.

Through Chase.

Thank I can bang her.


Hey peeps! Just an upload to show Tanner's player-ness and Chase's pov to show how he feels about helping his brother. who knows? Maybe she'll switch to Chase. Naw. I'm try and keep it to Tanner. If I can! I normally end up switching.. Anyways. Hope ya'll enjoyed! I'm pretty happy with the reveiws lately soo yupp xD Bai guys! Upload:: Tomorrow??

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