Getting him/her back

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Alright guys I'm back and I'm better jp but I hope y'all enjoying dis shit cause I'm really trying to get y'all asses to read my shit damn but here we go

~ Y'all Prince went to stay with him mommy for a while and just to let y'all know they all live together in a big ass mansion😊~

Prince: Madre ?
PM:si hijo
Prince: Voy a estar en casa por un tiempo
(I wasn't Google translating 😊but that's it 😂)
PM:ok what happened with you and cat ?
Prince : Madre she was cheating with a female
PM: lo siento hijo !Ay ! Qué Pena!
Prince: por supuesto but it's fine

W/ Gang 😂
Cat :* in her room crying *
~yall she a mf mess I tell you ~
Ray :omfg can he just get back with her I'm tired of her fucking crying
Yn: *smacks him * stfu befor you be crying
Ray : damn ok feisty
Roc: but fr I do feel bad for her tho I could not imagine loosing my baby Leah
Leah : awwe baby *kisses him *
Roc:* kisses back grabbing her ass *
Leah : mmmm *moans through the kiss *

Yn and Ray :get a fucking room
Leah and roc : shutup

Cat : *yells * all y'all shutup at least y'all got each other *crying more *

~someone knocks on the door ~
Yn: *goes opens it *
Prince ~hey yn
Yn:wassup I miss you blexican
Prince : yea I miss y'all to
Yn : get YO ass in here
Prince : *laughs walks in *

~everyone else yells and screams when they see him *
Roc : where YO ugly ass been
Prince : con mi madre
Ray : you need to be back here do you hear her
Prince : *looks down * I miss her already
Leah : *hugs him * well go make up with her but tell her the rules nigga df prince: your right but I need her "gf " her so I can make sure this shit over
Yn: I got this *comes up to cats room knocks *
Cat : come in
Yn : * opens the door gasps * hey baby can I use your phone
Cat :yea *hands it to her *
Yn : thnx * grabs it goes back downstairs *got it
Prince : lemme see
Yn : hands him the phone *
Prince :put in the code calls ciara *

~phone convo ~
Prince : hello
Ciara:umm hi
Prince :I need you to come over here please
Ciara :for what
Prince :so me you and cat can't get this settled
Ciara :fine
Prince :you got the address
Ciara : duh faggot
Prince : look bitch no.need to get smart just.get YO gay ass here now thank you *hangs up *

Everyone else was cracking tf up because they never heard Prince cuss no one out like that
Prince : y'all shutup damn
Ray :but you sound weird cussing like that
Roc: hell yea *crying laughing *
Yn:omfg woo
Leah : I'm so done *on the floor laughing *

Let's see what happens when ciara gets there in the next chapter 😘of course please comment and vote

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