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*Next morning *

The gurls got.up.nd made.breakfast

which is.pancakes eggs bacon toast orange juice .

Cat:Omg prince had a whole new world of Peace  lmao

Yn:ray had me calling him Ray Twice .cause im nasty lmao

Leah:Roc begin for mercy.cause his giant ROCK Lmao

      Boys sitting on the stairs listening then they come downstairs

Prince:Morning Beautiful

Ray:Morning Bae

Roc:Morning Ma

  .     Sitting at the table eating

Cat:*otp with ciara*hey bae imy

Ciara:awww bae imu to hopefully I can hang with u soon

Cat:yep soon super soon ok

Ciara:ight talk later bae bye

Cat:Bye bae*hangs.up*

Prince:wtf who was that

Cat:It was my friend.Ciara see*shows him the call logs*

Prince:oh good wet *eating*

Ray:Man I can feel tge love

Yn:yea it is

Leah:*smashing*mmmm so good

Cat:*quiet eating*

Everyone eat the. gets dressed comes.back.down stairs sits on couch

Roc:so what we doing today guys


Roc:Lets go.swimming

Girls:Yassss boo Yasss

Boys:Turnup nd cool off

#side note

sorry its super short but so umm enjoy vote.comment please ily all

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