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Its all My fault

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*the girls are in the pool and the guys are sitting in the chairs chillin *
~cats phone rings ~
Prince : * answers it *
Ciara:hey bae
Prince : umm this isn't cat
Ciara: I'm sorry
Prince :its fine but who are you
Ciara:I'm ciara cats girlfriend
Prince: ummm that's weird
Prince:I'm cats boyfriend
Ciara: funny you must not be doing shit right then if she needs me
Prince: bitch I'm doing everything right your obviously not if she's always with me
Ciara: right but she comes to me for sex
Prince: hmmm bitch please YOU don't even got a dick
Ciara : but she likes it *hangs up*

*end of convo*

*the girls get out the pool walk over to the guys and they are all looking at cat PS Prince told them what happened *

Cat : *walks up *heyy
Ray:hey *looking away *
Yn:what's wrong ray
Roc:you'll see soon
Leah:what are you talking about
Prince :cat you got a call
Cat: from who?
Prince : ciara
Cat: *eyes get big*shitt
Prince : exactly so your cheating on me right?
Cat : i was gonna tell.....gco...
Prince: when huhhh cause it sure a hell didn't seem like it
Cat : I don't know when but I was I swear
Prince: but not only did u date her you fucking her to behind my back
Cat : i-i-i ....gco.
Prince :just tell me how many times did you fuck her ?
Cat : ummmm....
Prince:*gets in cats face *cathalayanna I'm not play how many times did you fuck her
Cat : *whispers *6
Prince: well no more fucking worries about telling me shit I'm out this bitch and don't call or text me either talk to your girlfriend *gives her the phone grabs his stuff and leaves *
Leah :wtf when did you turn bi or w.e...gco
Yn:no when df did you start dating fucking that girl df
Ray : y'all stop she's already hurting just stop
Roc:its her fault for doing the shit so
Cat: *starts crying *I-I -I -Im sorry
Leah:hugs cat * shhhb baby well help get him back
Yn: * hugs her go * we will I promise that much

*w/ Prince *
Prince: *packing his stuff crying * I can't believe she would do this shit * throws a picture* fuckkkk

Should I continue I know I'm bad at writing but hey I think I just got to the good part of my bad writing 😂😂😂
Vote and Comment plzzzzz

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