Imagine: Dean (2)

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Dean was pissed off. There was no way around it. Everything that could possibly have gone wrong today for him did. The car broke down, his luggage got sent to another state, he couldn’t sleep at all last night, and to top everything off he had a constant nagging headache that nothing seemed to be helping with. He was walking down the stairs as his theme played; he was to wrestle Sheamus tonight in a no DQ match. He mind had constantly had things running through it earlier that day. That is, until he saw the most beautiful girl sitting in the front row of the crowd. She stunned him – a beautiful complexion, a beautiful smile, hair that seemed to engulf her body.

He walked on to the ring and turned around to find her again. This time she was looking at him with the same look on her face – admiration. She waved slightly at him. Sheamus took the low blow and attacked him with a chair to start off the match.

Dean eventually got the win after a cheap chair shot and a DDT. He was the last match of the night. He had to find the girl. He stood pretty hidden behind some people searching for her. He seen her standing with some older people and she quickly spotted him. He motioned for her to follow him and smiled as she quickly followed him. He had to have her.

They walked into a pretty darkened hall way. He walked closer to her; she was significantly shorter than him. He had to bend down a little as he pinned her body to the wall with his. “Whats your name?” He whispered, feeling her hands come to rest on his hips.

“Y/N,” She smiled softly.

“Pretty girl, pretty name.” He smiled.

She was saying something but he wasn’t listening. He was too transfixed on the way her mouth moved. Lips parted, expelling the sweet tone of her voice, and they were beautifully plump. He knew they tasted good. They had too.

He caught her off guard, watching as her eyes slid closed, as their lips danced together. Tongues didn’t come into play, just a smooth open-mouthed kiss. She tasted just like he thought she was. It made his mouth water. He had to have more of her.

“Come back to the hotel with me.” Dean mumbled against her lips, lightly pecking her bottom lip.

She was hesitant. He could tell, “Dean…I…I don’t know.”

“If you don’t want too, that’s understandable.” He mumbled, “But I’ve already tasted one set of lips on your body. I’m intrigued to taste the other.”

A smile spread across her face. “Alright. But you have to take me back home.”


To Dean, it felt like they couldn’t get to the hotel quick enough but as soon as they were there, he kicked the other guys out and locked the door. By the time he kicked his shoes off, she was already down to her pants and bra. He smiled and followed suit, leaving just his jeans on. He tossed the vest to the side along with the shirt.  She happily squatted in front of him, resting her hands on her thighs as she looked up at him. The sight made his cock harden further and quickly he was pushing his pants down.

She wrapped her lips around the tip of him, sucking him slowly further into her mouth. She wasn’t sure just how he tasted so good, the man had just gotten done with an intense match, but she loved the way he tasted and felt in her mouth. Warm and hard, but his skin was soft as it slid between her lips. He thrust slowly at first but once he saw there was hardly a reflex, he pushed her head further down around him until her lips touched the base of his cock. “Hold it, hold it…fuck, Y/N.” His fingers raked through her hair, gripping tighter as he indulged in the feeling of her around him. He pulled her off and let her catch her breath, watching as she licked her lips.

Returning to sucking him, she fondled his balls – rolling them in her hand. Dean was surprised at how long he lasted with her precision. He gripped the back of her head and thrust into her mouth a little quicker, his release wasn’t far. He filled her mouth, growling as she lovingly sucked him clean. She looked up at him with innocent eyes as she licked her lips clean. He knew it wasn’t going to take long for him to recover – not with this beautiful girl.

She stood up and pulled the rest of her clothes off. Pressing their now naked bodies against each others with Dean’s cum-slicked cock between them, they began grinding against each other. Dean was sure he was going to explode again, feeling the smooth skin of her stomach against his still hard member. He pulled away and knelt down, pushing her back on the bed, and dove into her pussy. He lapped at her folds, sucking the lips into his mouth before letting them fall back. “Fuck you taste good, YN.” He growled before pushing his tongue deeper into her wetness. His thumb rubbed at her clit, using different pressures to quickly bring her closer to sexual ecstasy. She tried to moved back on the bed, to get away from the extreme pleasure he was giving her, but he didn’t give up on his work and moved with her. She was screaming out in orgasm, begging for him to slow down,  in no time.

He pulled her on top of him, watching as she sunk down around him. They both let out groans and he watched as she arched her back. They thrust to meet each other’s needs, pushing each other towards another release. She was still sensitive but the occasional, “Fuck me harder!” slipped her mouth. Dean gave her what she wanted each time. He smiled as she began riding him and he stilled his hips, watching as this beautiful girl took what she needed from him.

“Oh fuck, Y/N, you’re gonna make me come.” Dean growled in a warning tone.

She kept her pace. Soon, Dean’s hips arched sharply up off the bed and raised her a little further in the air. He released hard, drawing her orgasm from her. “Fuck!” He growled, thrusting just a few more times in her, “So fucking good, Y/N.”


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