Imagine: Seth Rollins

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You and your boyfriend Seth Rollins have been together for a year now, and tonight was an important night for anybody in the WWE. The annual Slammy awards.

Seth’s faction ‘The Shield’ had just won 3 slammy’s and you were extremely excited for him.

You hear him walk through the hotel room door and you are sat on the bed waiting for him.

“Well done Seth! I’m so proud of you!” You quietly scream at him whilst jumping into his arms.

“Thank you Y/N. I love you.” Seth whispers in your ear.

“I love you too, now, I think you deserve a reward for winning that many awards.” You say, seductively. Seth grins and moves in front of you, knowing what you meant by ‘a reward’

Seth leans down and starts to kiss your neck, nibbling on the crook of your neck.

You moan slightly and wish for him to just push those jeans down already. You want to see Seth Rollins naked, want to see all of him. You begin unbuttoning your blouse your hands shaking in excitement. You can feel your underwear dripping with your excitement already. You want him badly, want to feel him in you. Want to taste every inch of him.Next Seth undoes the buttons on his shirt and pulls it open to reveal his chest, hard and muscular, the skin taut over his rippled muscles. His long hair cascades down over his shoulders and forms a mane around his face as he let the shirt fall off his arms. You remove whatever clothes you had left on you and pull Seth down to the bed. You slowly remove his Jeans and boxers and straddle him whilst his large package fills you. You moan with pleasure as he gyrates his hips faster and rougher. Soon you were nearing your climax and after a few more thrusts, you came straight onto his hard-on. He soon released his seed into you, and you collapsed onto him. He held you tight as you both fell asleep, arms wrapped around each-other.


Not mine.


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