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Pen Your Pride

Imagine: Dean Ambrose (3)

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You made it. You finally made it. You were in the WWE and you were number one contender of the Diva’s championship. Your theme hit and you ran down the aisle, more energetic than usual. Something just seemed right about tonight.

Your match was against Kaitlyn, you were feeling confident. You got to the ring and looked around the crowd. There, in the front row, was your ex-boyfriend, the love of your life, Dean Ambrose. You two had broken up after his 21st birthday, after he cheated on you with a mutual friend.

Needless to say,  you two went your seperate ways.

Your match was quick. Within ten minutes you hit Kaitlyn with your finisher and pinned her. Done. Over. You noticed Dean cheering and you couldn’t help but smile.


You were walking out to your tour bus when Dean caught your attention again. “Hey Y/N.” He said, walking over to you. He was in a black t-shirt, a black hoodie and jeans. When you looked closer, you realized it was a t-shirt you had bought him.

"Hey Dean." You said, softly. You tried not to make eye contact. You knew if you did, you’d fall for him all over again.

"Can we talk?"

"Sure. Come with me to my bus." You said, walking with him to your bus. You opened the door and walked inside, he followed. Tossing your bag onto the couch, you sat down. "What is it?"

"I miss you." Dean said, running a hand through his hair. "I’ve missed you for so long."

You sighed. “Yeah, but.”

"No buts. I made mistakes. I know that now. I’m not who I was. I’m different. Let me prove it."

Before you could say anything, his lips were on yours. You hungrily kissed him back. You’ve missed him. Even though you wanted to keep your heart guarded, you couldn’t help yourself. You loved him. You loved him more than anything.

He picked you up and carried you to the bed, laying you down softly. He climbed on top of you and pulled off your t-shirt, kissing your neck. You sighed at his kiss.and tilted your head back.

He pulled off your bra and then undid your pants, pulling them off too. He took his hoodie, t-shirt and pants off and then looked at you. “Do you want this?”

You nodded. “Yes.” 

He pulled off your underwear and then his own. Biting his lip, he thrusted into you. “Fuuuck.” He groaned, looking down at you. “You feel just as amazing as you used to.”

You smiled at him, arching your back. He moved gently inside of you, holding your body close to his. You could feel how much he loved you, how much he cared for you. His lips met yours and you kissed passionately as he massaged your breast.

You moaned out, breaking the kiss and hiding your face in his neck. You knew you wouldn’t last long, you felt yourself growing close. You moaned his name and came, hard. Dean came shortly after you, calling your name out.

Afterwards, he rolled off you. You both were breathing heavy, looking at each other with a small smile. 

"Marry me." Dean said.


"Marry me. I’m being serious. Marry me, Y/N."

You smiled. “Okay. Yes, I mean. Yes, Dean.” 

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