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I'll try my best to make the story as interesting as possible so I hope you guys enjoy it!\(^o^)/ I'm open to criticism but please be friendly and I'll be friendly with you too^^(somehow that sounded menacing^^; b-but I mean no harm! I swear!><)

Oh but there's one thing I'd like to say before you start reading.

Don't steal my story.

Don't steal anyone's story in general. You can get sued for that. No joke.

Images used in this book belong to the original owners. I don't own any of them unless I say so.
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Please don't rush me for updates! Because 1)I'll feel pressured and 2)I'm currently in my final year of college so please understand that I'll be very busy.


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I-I hope that's not too much to take note of^^;

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story!

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