"What do you want Jackson?"

Jackson and I decided to hang out. The only time we see each other is during school and I want to get to know him better.

We were walking around the woods or the preserve just talking. Talking about before I moved here and what my life was like in San Fransisco.

"Yes, I had a boyfriend."

"Mmhm. And what was he like?"

"He was quarterback on the football team. We've been champions since lord knows how long. He was tall, had burnette hair, and he was my best friend."

"Was he like me."

"Not in so many ways."

He stopped walking and I did the same.

"Do you like me like you liked him?"

"What do you mean?" I ask cocking an eyebrow.

"Like did you like him as a friend... or," he put his hand against my cheek brushing it, "did you like him more as a friend?"

"Obviously I liked him more if I dated him."

He put his hand down, "okay."

We continued walking.

Suddenly he gets a phone call.

He rolled his eyes as he answered.

"Jackson, I want to watch a movie tonight. Let's have a date night."

"Lydia, I'm kind of busy."

"Let's have a movie night."



"Fine. Just pick me up at the preserve entrance."

He hangs up and turns toward me.

"I get it. You need to be with your girlfriend."

"Trust me, I'd rather be with you."

Jackson and I start walking towards the entrance.

"You're sure you'll be okay getting home."

"Yeah I'll just call my dad."

Lydia pulls up and Jackson gets in the passenger side.

He waves by as they drive away.

That's when I'm left alone.

I dig through my back looking for my phone.

"Oh my god. Did I really forget it."

That's when I hear rustling in the bushes.



Then I feel something behind me putting a bag over my face and everything goes black.

I wake up in front of my dad. We were both tied to a chair with clothe in our mouth.

At this point I was practically crying.

"Ever wonder what happens if a hunter gets bitten, Abigail?" It was Derek's voice. "Ever wonder what happens if you get bitten? What do you think your father would do? What do you think he'd have to do? When all it would take to change everything is - one bite. One bite -"

My dad breaks out of the chair.

That's when some man hands him a phone and my dad presses a button.

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