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Lies. All lies.

Hades found out about the stories that were written and that was spread around. It was for sure now that his two brothers, Zeus and Poseidon planned this. They were against him. He knew why but he didn’t want to believe it because they were brothers. They all fought together against their fathers and the titans. He wanted to believe that they were united, loving towards one another and that they were different from their greedy suspicious father.

But in reality, they were no different from their fathers or the titans. Hades spitted, a little angry and betrayed. He should have seen this coming, he should have known.

He shook his head.


He did foresee this.

He knew.

But he chose not to believe because he wanted to believe otherwise.

Hades sat still in ebony throne of Erebus. He ruled the underworld for so long and has never once complained. He understood his duties and he executed it well. He didn’t quite mind eventhough, at the back of his mind, there was a nagging voice that his brothers send him here to keep him away from Mountain Olympus.

His brothers tried to rob everything away from him. That much, he knew. He closed his eyes, wondering why they would do such a thing. He didn’t want the throne that Zeus sat on. He didn’t care for it. But they thought he did and they saw that as a threat.

After all, he was Hades, the eldest. If there was anyone who should sit on the throne of Mountain Olympus, it was him. It was his birthright in that sense. But Hades didn’t care for that sort of things. He believed that they fought together as brothers. Hence, it didn’t matter who ruled as long as it was one of them. He was already happy that the titans were defeated.

He sighed, tightening his grip on his throne. He should have never denied the possibility that his brothers were against him.

He remembered now, the moment they won against the titans. They were victorious. The echoes of cheering were loud and full of pride. They have finally won. Cronos have been overthrown together with the titans.

The question of who would rule popped up, immediately. No one was quite sure. Zeus proposed that they draw lots to find out who would rule over what. And of course, Hades and Poseidon agreed. It would be fair this way.

He remembered when the lots were in Zeus hands. Zeus smiled as he held them up. Just as Hades wanted to pick one, Zeus and Poseidon quickly pick theirs. And all there was left was one lot, alone in Zeus hands. Back then, Hades wasn’t suspicious as he simply picked up that empty lot.

The underworld.

That was all his lot wrote.

“I got the underworld.” He showed his lot to his brothers.

“You will rule over the underworld, Erebus. Isn’t that nice?” Zeus continued to smile.

Hades nodded, “What did you get?”

“I got the skies.” Zeus grinned grew wider.

Poseidon showed his lot, “I got the oceans.”

“Wonderful. So, we will all rule according to these lots.” Zeus stated.

Hades and Poseidon nodded.

He didn’t realize it back then but now that he slowly lingered in this memory, he saw the happiness in their eyes over the outcome of the lots. He saw how they exchanged glances of relief and how they were silently communicating with each other.

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