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Victoria Justice as Paisley Smith

Paisley Smith P.O.V

It was just another day. Waking up, facing the world, after sobbing quietly in my bed when darkness took over me, has become a part of my routine.

I wasn't like this from the start. Until HE came and made me want to die every single second.
Being punished for the sins committed by someone else is horrible, and even worse, when the person you trusted the most in this world, inflicted such a tourture on you.

I prefered to live a reserved simple life in my shell till I met him. HE gave me the only thing I ever craved for, hope!


5 Years Ago....

"Of course mom. Yes. Yes! I will take care of myself. Ok now I gotta go, I am running late for my class. Take care love you!!" I said ending the call with my mother as I rushed down the street towards my university.

Out of the blue, I bumped into somebody on the path and spilled coffee all over my sneakers. Good Lord! They were brand new, and costed me a lot, considering I am just a student working a part time job at a food joint and threatre.

"What the hell!! Can't you see where you are walking? "I yelled and turned my gaze up only to see the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes on, glaring daggers at me.

"Get aside kiddo! I have better things to do, rather than wasting my precious time having a futile conversation with you." Mr.Handsome said shoving me aside and walked away. Rude much!

On the other hand, I was simply rooted to the ground admiring his retreating figure. Just like that, I was brought out of my la la land because of the annoying ringing of my phone. This time it was my bestfriend Melissa calling.

"You good for nothing ass!!! Where the hell are you?? I swear to God Paisley, if today too you turn up late, I'll break every single bone in your body and skin you alive!" Came her threat from the other side, as I answered the call.

"Geeze!! Breathe Melissa, take a deep calming breath. I am just on my way! I'll be there in 5 and then you can continue with your murderous plans." I replied rolling my eyes at her dramatic threat.

"Get here soon. Bye." She said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Byeee." I said and ended the call.

"So, you mean you just bumped into an absolute hottie who spilt coffee on your newly purchased sneakers and after that, he shoved you aside and you kept admiring his muscular back, till I called you. That's so unlike you, Paisley! Where was your fierce tigress at that time, huh? Oh wait! I know in la la land.. haha haha." Mel laughed out.

Right now I am giving an explaination to Mel as to why I was late, and being the most amazing friend she is, she did not let this chance pass where she could take a dig at me.

"Ok fine missy! I agree, I was admiring his back, but that does not change the fact that he was an absolute jerk! I mean he called me "kiddo" and shoved me aside. Wow!! What a gentleman!!!" I reasoned out with sarcasm evident in my tone.

"But you gotta admit that.." Mel was saying something but was cut off in the middle.

"Who has to admit what?" Luke Mel's twin came and intervened our conversation.

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