Chapter Two

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Isemay Azor

Lucien Catello

"Mother, father!" Isemay raced towards them the second Lucien left. She sobbed into her mothers arms crying for her life. How could it change to drastically. 

Her father wrapped his arms around her; surley crying his heart out for his little girl on the inside. He couldnt let her know that, he was an Azor and will always be a proud role model for his beloved daughter, "Isemany, you be strong. Your an Azor and will always be one" He stated before he softly kissed her forehead and moved away grabbing her mother to his side. How could he let his precious daughter in the arms of a heartless monster. He didnt even try to fight for her.

"Go pack your bags sweetie." Her mother's sudden order made Isemay steer towards her focusing on her actions. She stood straight at her, shoulders back, chin up. She meant what she said. She was backing up her fathers actions of letting her go. Isemay ran as fast as she could into her room from outside. She cried desperalty for her life to be as she wishes but her pleas didn't help her life get better. She knew what she was doing now was pointless but she couldnt help but let it out. She cried until she was numb. She had no more tears left to cry. 

I am an Azor. A tracker Azor.

She chanted silently yet proudly. She brought her luggage once all packed downstairs. Her mother, father and her ruthless mate stood staring at the broken young girl who decended the stairs. Her eyes never left her fathers, it was her way of letting him know. He knew what little her eyes told. She wasnt going down without a fight. Ecspecially when this is about her life, her mate, and her future is she survives this. She held her held up highly and proudly yet it had never looked so empty and subdued. 

She stood her ground, she wanted to hold every moment she can in her heaven now that she was leaving. Her home, her safety was now being replaced by the devil himself and the home he had to offered her. A heavy growl tore her eyes from scanning her home once more from silently photographing every moment.

He was frustrated, he knew what she was doing. She was stalling! Lucien advanced towards his little mate. He analyze her every movement expecting her to run like wildfire in any direction that could get her far from him. He suddenly felt proud of his mate for being stubborn as he was. Yet his anger was subsided by her not wanting to be with him. She didnt cry. She wasnt going to let her family's last memory of her as being dragged by a forcefull mate crying her eyes out the door. She rather just be dragged out with her head held high.

"Get In" Lucien demanded as he open the door. She obeyed him as he got in the drivers side. She didnt say a word to him for hours until she felt her eyes slowly close shut. 


Isemay woke in a grey room with heavy arms wrapped around her protectively. Everything that happened in one night came rushing back to her. She felt her body ache worse that her head. She knew there must've been bruises from Lucien being so forceful. 

She was tired of hurt, tired of the pain. Isemay wanted to relax and the only way she knew she can was if she was standing in the shower with hot water splashing against her bare skin. She slowly got off the bed, careful not to stir him awake as she headed towards the first doow she seen. Her hand reach out to turn the doorknob and at that moment she knew that it was the wrong door due to the fact that now she was on the ground her and angry Lucien pinning her wrists above her head. 

"How dare you!" Lucien roared so loud that she started shaking with fear. She wanted to hold it down, she didnt want to be seen so weak in front of him. Yet here, it was as if his touch and words controlled her body like she had never seen. She tremebled with fear as he narrowed his eyes on her while grabbing her chin with his free hand to make her face him. 

"Do you know how many times i held back from punishing you mate! How dare you disrespect like so!" Lucien yelled.

By now, tears were frantically fally from her eyes as he roughly grabbed her wee body and threw her on the bed. He quickly got on top of her using his muscle weight to keep her still. Isemay knew what was going to happen. She expecting this to happen, but she didnt know it would happen so soon! She didnt want this!

"Lucien! Lucien! Lucien.... please." Isemay sobbed. 

How dare she try to get out of this when she was planning on leaving him! Lucien couldnt believe his mate was the type to flee. From her stubborn as pride she held yesterday he never thought she could be such a sly women. 

"Your pleas are nothing but ficticious to me." 

Were his last words as lowered himself to her neck letting his canines extend. "Lucien no! DON'T" Isemay felt his canines pierce through her skin marking hers to forever be his. She begged and pleaded for it to be over and the moment it was, Lucien's face was clearly plastered with hate and disgust as he got off of her leaving to the same door she thought was a bathroom. She heard a couple clicks and she knew he had trapped her in his bedroom. 

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