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For some reason unknown to him, Mr. Ambrose found dear Mr. Linton at a bar close by. To his complete agony he was too late she was hella drunk...again.

Thinking about it again he could probably use this to his advantage. He now had a reason to fire her after all. Today was a good day after all he then thought. His attention was brought back to the world when he caught something she said.

"Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge! Yes! I finally remembered Mr. Ambro...wait you aren't Mr. Ambro...Mr. Ambrose!!!! There we go!!"

"Mr. Linton"

"Present sir" she said with her hand raised to her head. It was more fun to act as soldiers she thought.

"You're fired."

"Fired? What on earth does that mean?" She could have swore she heard that word before but couldn't in the life of her remember what it meant. She did have an idea but she was sure it didn't mean what she thought it meant. Fear took over as she took a step back.

"I know you don't like me that much sir but don't you think setting me on fire would be too much."

"It means that you're sacked. Out my of service. In other words you can leave this building at once." Well at least it wasn't what she thought. Anger started to creep in her mind but was soon gone because the alcohol in her system wouldn't allow her to hold such emotions for long. Besides she didn't know why to be angry she had the piggies with her so there was no need to be. Until she remembered something very important.

"But I don't have any money to buy my solid chocolate and you don't want to separate me from it. I don't think the piggies have money either"

"Well that's very unfortunate" was all he said.

'Very unfortunate indeed' the little piggies thought with a nob of their head for they were in need of new ballet slippers.

"Do you see his wallet?" she asked the yellow piggies as a thought popped into her genius head. This idea better than conquering the world altogether.

"You will not take my wallet Mr. Linton! Do you hear?!" so genius that some how Ambrose was able to discover in less than a minute. With this note in mind Lily concluded that the only possible way for him to have known would have been that he could read minds. She would have to ask him if he could teach her how to as well.

"Of course not Mr. Ambrose. I would never do that." Lily stated deeming it wise to go along....for now.

"Good" with a nod of his head he turned around. "You are dismissed."

Unknown to him a armed Lily approached him from behind and managed to hit him on the head with his newly bought cane.

"Shhh go to sleep, you need it. We were never here ok. Come on piggies!! I have some chocolate to buy!" Making her way towards the door she didn't go far before she tripped on her own foot.

"Damn you floor!! I thought we made a peace treaty!!"

Messaging his head Rikkard started to wake up. Involuntary chills go up and down his spine as he started to remember something.

"That was the worst nightmare I had in years but only an idiot would try to steal my wallet."

Standing up as quickly as he could to get back to work he stopped himself when he noticed a difference in weight.

"Why do my pockets feel 20 grams lighter?" he muttered to himself as possible reasons flashed through his mind.

One unique utterly bone chilling possibility caught his attention the most. His eyes widen more than was anatomy possible as realization started to settle in.


Wasting no time he picked up his cane as he made his way out his office and down the hallway. One look into his eyes was all that was needed so that the other employees would be cowering in fear as he began his search for a certain trouser wearing woman.

~~~~back with our dear Lily~

Lily noticed a great change in temperature and curses herself for not bringing a jacket. She then started to think about how bright the day was and looked around. To her astonishment she noticed everyone else seemed to be unaffected by the drastic change. For a moment she
considered the outrageous idea that she could be sick but that seemed highly unlikely for someone of her class. Then again she did work for an iceberg so maybe not. That's when she noticed the tall shadow that loomed over her. Turning around she shallowed the lump that formed in her throat

It was in this moment she knew

...she fucked up

"IT WAS THE PIGGIES" Lily stated while she pointed her chocolate covered finger at the piggies who looked at each other curious as to what the insane woman was talking about.

Now you all know if in trouble blame it on the piggies.
Hope you enjoyed it!!😁

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