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Jungkook opens the door for you and drives to the hotel. You guys go upstairs and Jungkook brings you to bed and you see rose on the bed. Jung look throws you into bed. He starts kissing you and you start moaning. Jungkook asked off you shoes and dress and you take off his suit. Jungkook kisses you even more, he unhooks your bra and kisses your things and you moan even more so you take of his underwear and he take off you underwear and push you in the bed. He puts this thing in our thing and you moan more

"Ugh Jungkook don't stop its feels good!" You said while shouting out loud

"Jungkook go faster!" You said

"You can hit the spot ugh Jungkook faster!" You said

Loll try to hit the spot" Jungkook said while doing the thing 

"Jungkook you hit the spot ugh Jungkook" you said well he was doom that thing.

You guys stop and you go to sleep and he put his arm around you and you fell asleep in his arms. The next day you put on your clothes, everything was find and you cooked food and Jungkook woke up and he put on this clothes and went to the kitchen to see what your making for breakfast.

"What are you making (Your name)?" He shouts out

"Eggs and bacon!" You shout back

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