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You went to the coffee shop and ordered a cup of coffee with no whipped cream, then a few minutes have past and your ordered was done, you go up and get your drink and you paid your coffee. After a few sips you saw a guy come in and it was Jungkook and V form BTS and you started to fangirl, but you didn't wanted to scare him away, so you acted all clam. Jungkook and V ordered coffee to go and and he saw you with your phone and he noticed that our a BTS fan because of your case. He goes up to you.

"Hey, you like BTS?" Jungkook said with his killer smile

"Yea, My favorite song is beautiful by: Jhope, Jimin, V, and you" you said back and strayed to blush because of his killer smile

"Oh, that's my favorite one too" he said back

"I'm a big fan but I never meet BTS, well I meet you right now". You said

"Oh well nice to meet you?" He says with a nervous face

"Oh my name is (your name)" you said back with a smile

"I want you to meet some don't freak out ok?" He said with a smirk

"Ok" you said and coved your face

Jungkook goes and tells V about you and Jungkook has feelings for you and he told V.

"Hi (your name),I'm V" waves and smiles

Omg I love you V your like my bias in "BTS! I mean Hi" you said blushing

"Oh thanks people think that I'm cute but I'm not" V says with a smile

After a few minutes v goes up to Jungkook.

"Hey, Jungkook I have to tell you something that might be bad news..." V said while looking down on the floor

"What's wrong V?" Jungkook said with a sad voice

"You promise you won't get mad?" V says back

"Promise" Jungkook says back

"Ok you know the girl you like in the coffee shop? She likes me, not you sorry she told me but I wanted to tell her that you like her but she freak out and I'll get sacred" V said really quick

"Oh..." Jungkook said with tears in his eyes

V goes up to Jungkook and sit next to him and tell him to clam down.

"You know what Jungkook!" V says happily

"What?" Jungkook says while cleaning his faces form the tears

"I'm going to make her like you!" V says with the killer smile

"Really!" Jungkook gets up quick

Your still in the coffee and drinking your coffee and your freaking out because you just meet V and Jungkook.

"Hi (your name) you should like Jungkook he's kind, sweet, funny, caring" V says with a loving voice

"Oh I should?" You answer back with a confused face

"Yea promise he's sweet" V says with a smile

"Ok" You said happy

You go up to Jungkook and you saw his eyes were red and you got a wet paper and help him clean his face.

"Awe let me help you" You said while wetting the pice of paper

"Thanks (Your name)" Jungkook says while getting the wet pice of paper

"So.....Jungkook can I tell you something?" You said nervous

"Yea sure?" He says looking up

"I like you..." You said while blushing

"Oh, 😳" Jungkook cleans his face more

"You sat there looking at him until he looks at you with a smile or a smirk. Jungkook gets up and kisses you on the forehead. You started to blush and you started to turn bright red.

"Um...(your name) can I ask you something?" Jungkook says while looking at you

"Yea sure you can tell me anything" you said

"(Your name) do you want to be my girlfriend?" Jungkook says while blushing

"Um..." You said while thinking if you should or should not

"So...?" Jungkook says nervously

"Yes!" You said fast

You and Jungkook hugged for a while and you guys left V in the coffe alone. V was looking for you guys but you guys left. You and Jungkook went to the park and you guys played basketball and you went to get some ice cream at the end.

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