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Jungkook went to buy. New ring for you because there other you lost it, and Jungkook asked you to marry him you say Yes.

You went to your best friends house and Jungkook went to Suga house. Gabby went with Jungkook and Jack went with you because Gabby (who's 4) didn't wanted to go with you because she afraid something might happen to her dad.  Jack went with you because he didn't want anything happen to his mom again (Jack who's 2 years old). You get Jack ready and Jungkook gets Gabby ready, then you and Jungkook get ready. It was 12:00 PM and the church started at 1:00 PM so you had to hurry up, Jungkook went to church first with Gabby. Then it was 12:59PM and you went in the bathroom with your best friend.

"Ok (Your name) it's your big day I'm proud of you and Jungkook you have been together like 20 years. I have been with Jimin like 3 years. Anyway you look beautiful" said your buff while hugging you

"Thanks you and Jimin are going to get married some day don't worry, he's a nice guy trust me" you said to your best fiend hugging back

It's 1:00 and got married to Jungkooka fm it's party time. You and Junglook got a lot of money so you give it to the cancer people. Some people were fans of Jungkook so they took photos with him. Gabby and Jack give them candy and you give them toys. Your life was perfect with Jungkook. Gabby is 12 years old about to turn 13 in a week so you brought her a phone for her birthday then Jack is about to 10 and your getting him a DS. You and Jungkook are going to a vacation with your kids this summer and your going to Disney land, then your going to Jungkook concert in April. Jimin and your best friend got married in 2015, then Suga and your friend who love Suga is getting married in March 2016. The other member is dating your friends and they are getting married in 2016-2017. Anyway I love writing story hope you enjoy this story✌🏼️

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Form: Btslifeforever💕

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