The hospital

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You guys started eating at the table you run to the bathroom and you started to throw up.

"(Your name) are you ok?" Jungkook says nervous

"Yea I just had to go to the bathroom don't worry!" You said back

Later that day you were making lunch and you went to the bathroom and throw up again.

"Babe were going to the hospital ok? Something is wrong with you" jungkooka says while getting the car keys

"Ok" you said while putting on your jacket

You guys reach the hospital. You guys waited for a doctor, and a few minutes has passed and you went to the bathroom and Thoreau up again.

"( your name and last name)?" Said the doctor

You walk up to him and shake his hand

"Hi ( your name), I'm (make up a doctor name) I'll be taking care of you today. Now tell what's wrong with you?" The doctor said nicely

"Well I have been throw up yesterday and today in the afternoon and morning" you said back

"Lay down please I'll see what wrong with you" the doctor said

You lay down and the doctor gets the things to see if you have baby or not.

"Congratulations it's a girl" the doctor said cheerfully

"Omg?!?" You said while crying

You come outside and Jungkook was there nervous and  sacred .

"So what did the doctor said?" Jungkook said with a nervous voice

"We're having a girl" you said happy

"Really" Jungkook said while hugging you kidding you on the forehead

You and Jungkook  went to the mall and get some girl stuff for the baby.

"What about this?" Jungkook said while holding a shirt that said "Best Dad Ever"

"That's cute" you said while smiling

You and Jungkook spend a lot of money on the baby so you guys went to get some food.

"Pizza?" Jungkook said
"Pizza!" You said back happy

You guy eat some pizza until a girl come up and started to talk to Jungkook.

"Hi I'm (make a name for the girl)" the girl said

"Hi.." Jungkook said with a nervous face

"Um.. Your cute" the girl saying while getting a seat next to Jungkook

"Um thanks?" Jungkook says back

*kisses Jungkook on the cheek*

"Um girl back away form my man!" You shouted

"What are you going to do about it" The girl said back in a rude voice

*grabs out a knife and stabs you and the baby*
*falls to the ground*

"(Your name)!" Jungkook said in tears

"Oops sorry my bad" the girl says while looking at Jungkook

"Please someone help!" Jungkook shouts out loud

*picks you up and bring you to the car and rush to the hospital*

"Doctor!?! Nurses! Please someone help my wife!" Jungkook shouts and cries

"We'll take care bring to the nearest C section" the doctor shouts out loud

Jungkook sits in the  waiting room  nervous and sacred.

"Mr. (Your last name)?" Jungkook stands up really quick

"Is she alright!?! Is the baby ok!" Jungkook says nervously

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