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Chapter 1

"Pervy per per pervy wanna be your best friend but your such a bell end innit!"

That was mine and my mates saying. If we heard this one song we just had to say it. Stacey and Michelle were like my best mates. We were like and three musketeers but madder. We had quite a big group of mates who were as mad as each other.

"So what do you want to do for our birthday this year Roxy?"

Mine and Stacey's birthdays were in the same month so because it was our 18th we thought we'd do something big.

"I was thinking we could either go around the pubs in town or have a party in the rugby or football club."

"I think we should have a party just so everyone can go because if we just go around the pubs it might get too crowded in there so I think a party would be better." Stacey seemed to be getting quite excited about our birthdays this year mainly because we were going to be 18.

"Also if your family want to go they can go early on and then leave before it gets to manic." Michelle always had good ideas no matter what the situation.

I was really close to my family. I lived with my mum and dad in a fairly large house in the countryside in Mid-Wales. My sister had moved out to live with her boyfriend. Living in the countryside had its benefits like I could go wherever I wanted to without seeing loads of people. Then again, I sometimes felt distant from people because we didn't go out a lot and the weather sometimes restricted our adventures.

School was a place where I could just chill and hang out with my friends but I couldn't get away from everyone. We'd been in sixth form now for nearly a year now and we had just about settled into it. We were just starting a new term after the summer holiday with only a year before our A-level exams.

I always met my mates at the bus bay in the morning and walked in with them. Stacey always walked in with our mate Calvin who was like our brother who was extremely tall compared to the three of us. Everyday started the same with us walking to our block and just chatting away until we had to be registered, but somehow today felt different. I mean it seemed like any other Monday morning but I don't know what it is but something felt like it was going to be different.

"Hey guys how are you all?" our mate Rebecca was always there when we got there.

"Fine thanks Becca how are you?" Stacey asked as we got to her.

"Great. Have you seen the new people?"

"No we only just got here. Why who are they?" Michelle was always interested in the latest gossip and couldn't get enough of it.

"They are brothers who moved here from Dublin a couple of weeks ago. They're twins called Aaron and Darryl. They are tall and both dark haired with beautiful eyes." Becca had got the news from the biggest gossip of the year Rosetta.

"Wonder what classes they're taking?" Michelle was asking out of interest.

"Wonder what tutor group they're in?" an extremely excited Stacey chipped in.

"OMG! You guys!" I was never really interested in the latest gossip because usually it was blown all out of proportion. Just then, they walked into the room and it was as if the room fell silent. Even I had to admit they were pretty hot. They just stayed in the corner for a while talking to each other and looking around the room.

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