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She grabbed his shoulders hardly. Her hands digging at his back. She heard him groaned. Then he looked down at her. A smile was tugging at the corner of his lips.

"You really liked me this much, huh??" he drawled.

He really thinks so highly of himself, she thought.

"Don't go assuming too much, it can kill you," she retorted back.

He bowed his head then and kiss the tip of her nose. She couldn't help feeling disappointed. That's it?? she thought. She looked at him wryly. She catched him looking at her.

"So God can now take me, if youre saying that I am assuming too much," he grinned.

She nodded and turned to go then, but he grabbed her arms and pulled. She fell on his chest.

"I am not yet done." He said hoarsely then he bowed down again and claimed her lips.

On instinct, she closed her eyes. Her hands had crept up to his head and tangled in his hair. While his hands went to her waist molding her to him. Her heart started beating fast, any minute and she feels her heart would leap out of her chest. He's really a damn good kisser. He started slowly and gently, nibbling her lower lip. He parted her lips with his own and she returned the passion of his kiss which really caught her off guard. How can she be that bold? And it really could go on forever if not for her hands which started tugging at his shirt. Which was the thing that made him stopped.

"Assuming too much, eh??" he teased, holding her hands in place, stopping what she was about to do.

She blushed. She swallowed then looked down at the floor. She really had eaten her words. How can she behave like a wanton with him?

"What you assumed was true." She agreed resignedly then hurriedly went outside incase she embarrassed herself more infront of him.


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