How I Fell For The Marketing Guy [Harry Styles/Marcel Story]

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So basically, like all of you lot, I fell in love with Marcels' stuttering, nerdy-ness, sweaty-ness and horrible lack of dancing.

Note: I don't know Marcels' last name so it's offically Lennon. Is that nerdy enough? Sure.

Hope you like it! ~Macaulay

||Prologue| How I Fell For The Marketing Guy||

Marcel Lennon

"Watch it, geek." Dillion, the head jock, said as he deliberately shoved his shoulder roughly into mine, causing my direction to detour, spiraling into the lockers.

Pain shot through my left arm as he laughed along with everyone else.

Everyone else but her.

Talia Jensen, the most beautiful, confident, smart and witty person I've ever had the good fortune to lay eyes on.

"Thats' not funny, Dill." Talia snapped, her attention going from a cold-hard glare at her boyfriend to me, instantly melting my heart withher compassionate and sympathtic smile. 

Her chocolate-brown eyes shone with something.

Something I couldn't put my finger on until I realize that it was pity.

She pitied me.

That's the only reason she really ever cared.

"I'm fine. I don't need any of your charity work, Jensen." I snapped, suddenly regreting it when a fist came hurtling my way as pain my nose, and caused a crimson red to leak rapidly from my nose that had taken the blow. I fell to the schools' parking lot ground with a groan.

The crowd "oooh"ed and cheered Dillion on.

"Don't ever talk to my girl like that." His cold glare stared through to my very soul.

If looks could kill, I would be half-way to my grave right now.

"Dillion, please." Talias' small voice came through as she caressed his hand. "Babe, he's not worth it."

Dillion sighed and said, "Yeah, you're right, huh?" His ego kicked in as he said, "That filthy dork isn't even worthy on the botton of my bloody shoe." He kicked me, causing my glasses to fall off my head, only before he stepped on them, crishing them into miniscule shards of plastic and glass.

Talia laughed one of her signature, beautiful laughs as they walked away, his arm thrown over her shoulder as the crowd broke apart, leaving me alone in the cold parking lot with my torn plaid vest and broken nose. 

Damn, the things this girl puts me through. 

||End Of Prologue| How I Fell For The Marketing Guy||

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