Okay, so yes...Johnny isn't just my car pooling buddy, he's my boyfriend of three years.

“Come on Johnny we need to get to class” I say as he kisses my neck.

Honestly I didn't want to leave since he's lips are working magic on me. He pulls back and sighs, though he had his cute smile with his dimples showing the slightest. Johnny was definitely a good looker. He has dark brown hair, green eyes and a caramel complexion.

“Okay, you're right” He says.

We hop out and immediately he takes my hand in his as we walk to class together. We both have the same class together. Ancient History. Johnny wants to be one of those people who dig up ancient artefacts, where as I wish to be a History, Drama, English and Math teacher. So we have both History's together (Ancient and Modern) as well as English and Math.

We walk in five minutes before the class was to start so we sat down and talked liked everybody else did. I don't think I've seen such a big class in my life. I quickly look down at my phone to see if I have any messages from Oliv's care takers or from the school. Nothing yet, meaning he hasn't arrived yet...which isn't good. He should have arrived already.

“Good morning class! I'm Mr Tyler Winkle, I'll be teaching this subject for the year” Man this guy is way to chipper.

He's probably thirty-four? You'd think he'd act a little more like an adult.

“Alright, I know no one likes the intro game but it's important that I get to know my class and my class get's to know each other” He says.

I sigh, I really thought this shitty intro game wouldn't happen in university.

“Alright, The young girl in the white tank top who just sighed. You can go first” He says smirking at me.

I stand up in my seat with a slight blush, I hate being put on the spot.

“Sure think Prick-I mean sir” I say with a small smirk.

I'm trying really hard to stay strong and keep my nerves under wrap.

“Delilah, what's up with you?” Johnny whispers.

“I don't like being put on the spot Johnny, you know that” I say.

He chuckles and nods his head.

“You're a little feisty young lady. What's your name?” The teacher asks.

“My name is Delilah Kellson” I say proudly.

“Well, tell us a bit about yourself” He says.

“Let's see. I'm nineteen, I'm the oldest of two. I'm usually shy and quiet but I do not like being put on the spot so I tend to speak my mind under the pressure of being put on the spot” I say while blushing before sitting down again. Johnny wraps his arm around my shoulders.

“God I love you baby” He whispers.

“Ms Kellson, What is your boyfriends name?” Mr Winkle asks.

“Johnny Raison” I say.

“Well, Mr Raison, I suggest you keep your hands to yourself and introduce yourself” He says to Johnny.

“Sure, let's see. I'm nineteen, I am one of four boys. I am madly in love with Delilah. I plan on marrying her” He says.

He looks over to me and winks at me, making me blush and people in the class gush a little. Mr Winkle had a genuine smile. The class dragged on and soon it was second period. I looked at my phone to see I had a miss call from Oliver's school. I have Drama now so Johnny isn't in my class.

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