Chapter 1

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“Baby, it's time for school” I say to my little brother.

I had just woken up myself but I don't have time to worry about what I'll where. It's my little brother's first day at primary school. I watch as he slowly wakes up. I'm sitting on the edge of his bed, stroking his beautiful light brown hair softly.

“Good morning sweetie” I whisper.

He turns to me with his dark, grey eyes and smiles. Wrapping his arms around my waist he pulls me into a hug.

“Come on, we need to get you ready buddy” I say.

He nods and sits up as I go get his clothes and clothe him. You see, my brother isn't like normal little kids, I mean to me he's better but society views him and others like him mentally and physically disabled. See, my brother has Down Syndrome.

“Okay, you look so cool Oliv! Come on, I'll make some pancakes” I say grinning.

He laughs a little and we both walk to the kitchen. I'm still not ready for my first day at university but that's okay, I'll get ready soon enough. My little Oliv has care takers who will drive him to school every day starting today.

I watch him as he eats and help him wash his face and hands. I hear the bell go so I pick Oliv up as well as his bag and walk to the car waiting outside. I put his bad in the car before setting him down on his own two feet. I bend down to his level.

“I'll see you this afternoon, okay? I love you baby” I say softly while smiling.

Oliv nods his head and hugs me tight.

Walking back into the house and into my room I quickly get changed. I'm running out of time, I'm gonna be late on my first day. Holly shit. Quickly I brush my long light brown hair and place it in a tight bun, but with my fringe out. Once done with my hair I put some mascara on as well as eyeliner, making my dark grey eyes stand out just that little bit extra.

I walk to my wardrobe but stepped on one of Oliv's toys. I love this little boy but he's made my room look like it got hit by a Toys 'R' Us bomb. Sighing at my now sore foot I quickly change into my black pencil skirt, my white tank top and a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. As I look myself in the mirror, I decide against the skirt and blazer. Once I had taken them off I but my black skinny jeans on and my converses.

“Mum?” I call as I walk to mum's room.

“Yeah sweetie?” She asks in a raspy voice.

I sigh, more poor poor mother. Walking further into her room I see her with the covers over herself in bed.

“I'm off to uni now mum” I say.

She nods her head with a smile on her face.

“Have fun” She says.

I nod and hug her before racing to my car outside. I mean, I wanted to take my motorbike but everyone makes a big deal out of it when I do. I love motorbikes but I don't have the so called 'personality' for one since I'm quite shy and reserved.

I got into my car and headed off to Johnny's house to pick him up. I honk the horn and he comes racing out. Once he's in I race off to school. Johnny and I have been car pooling ever since I got my P's which was when I was seventeen.

“Hey Johnny boy” I say smiling.

“Hey Lilah girl, you ready for uni baby?” He asks.

“Sure am” I say.

I could feel the butterflies as I came to the university car park. This place is huge. Once parked I turn to Johnny.

“God I've missed you” He murmurs before bringing his lips to mine.

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