Ch 1: Werewolf Blood

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Where do werewolves come from?

There are mainly two different kinds of werewolves; full blooded werewolves and half blooded werewolves. (No this is not turning into Harry Potter). This part isn't too confusing, I promise!

 This part isn't too confusing, I promise!

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Most werewolves are full blooded- about 80%

Full blooded means that both of the parents are werewolves, and therefore so are their children.

Most werewolves are full blooded.

Depending on the pack, the parents, and more, werewolves don't always respect humans-they think we are weak- and that's part of the reason they don't hang around humans and they sometimes bully the half bloods with a human parent. *Alphas are especially harsh to humans. Unless of course, their mate is one!(:


Half blooded werewolves are more rare. This happens when a parent that IS a werewolf mates with a parent that ISN'T a werewolf.(human).

So basically, half blooded werewolves' only have one werewolf parent and the other is human.

This is usually caused by when a werewolf finds his 'mate' that happens to be a human.

Half blooded werewolves can vary in ways.

-Either they shift for their first time later than normal, OR they do not shift at all.

(This goes into detail in Ch 2)

Half blooded werewolves sometimes are raised in the human world (around regular towns, cities, etc) Some even develop friendships with humans- not saying friendships between humans and weres are wrong in any way.

But also depending on the parents, they can be raised and grow up in a pack. (Sometimes they get bullied because they didn't shift when the rest have already) so pack life is hard.


Thank you for reading and I hope you feel smarter already! And if you are still confused- don't worry- just read on! Thanks(:

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