The Rules of the Werewolf Sequel?!

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Hi guys! Long time no see!

Thank you all for taking the time to read and vote and comment, I really appreciate the support and love to help answer questions!

Okay so I'm thinking about doing a sequel! It will be another informational book on werewolves but it will be on a certain subject/ topic about the rules so I can go into more detail.

So I will gladly accept your suggestions on which topic I should expand on and write another informative book on.

Another way I am looking to do this is by looking at which chapters have the most votes and whichever is the most popular I will probably choose that topic.

So go back and vote on your favorite chapters if you haven't yet! Also you can comment suggestions on which topic I should do.

(Examples: Shifting, Mates, Rogues, Bloodline, etc.)

And feel free to comment any questions you have or you can message me. Either way I try to reply as soon as possible on all questions. 😃

Talk to you soon!
     -Chica_2016 aka Maria 😎

Hey guys! I'm currently working on the sequel. It will be called The Rules of Mates!!!
If I'm not answering your questions about mates on here it's because I'm saving them for a special Q and A part on the book!

In the meantime, check out my new book called Arranged! (It's a werewolf story with a twist :)
So far I've been updating it every day! (Updates are now every Monday while I'm at university but I'm almost finished with it.)

Until next time,

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