Chapter 1: Defenseless

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        Who am I? That's a loaded question. I guess, I'm still trying to figure that part out myself. My name is Rin, just Rin. When I was a young girl, I watched my family being slaughtered by thieves. It's despicable to even think of it now, we had nothing worth of value, and yet they took away the most priceless things I had. People I can never replace. 

        Sesshomaru, who I'll come to know later, always called me rash, that I acted braver than I could possibly have the strength to live up to. And I was that day. I gauged out a man's eye, and was tossed harshly away. Before he could kill me, the leader stopped him. His voice still demanding him to spare me in my nightmares. "The kind of hell that awaits her in the living, will be far worse than any death you could give her." And with an evil smirk, they left me there to wallow in all of the blood. I don't think I ever left that place, not really anyway. There's a special part of my heart that bleeds blood that doesn't completely belong to me. 

        But this was a long time ago, and somehow I've learned to deal with it. I know some people call me foolish, and I always have a silly grin on my face, but I see a lot of beauty in this life. They thought they had resigned me to a hell, but I made the fires beautiful. I realized, they only burn if you think they will, otherwise they simply tickle. This is why I am happy, I choose to be. 

        Even when the villagers were most unkind to me, I still knew that I'd be okay. I learned to sustain myself even when they thought I'd end up dying, if not from the sorrow, from the hunger. I was forbidden to eat of the fish reserves, and so I found another river I ventured off to from time to time. Otherwise, there were edible plants my mother used to pick, and mushrooms, but you must always be careful when choosing which to eat. I was pretty good at making a fire too. I was okay on my own.

        As fortune, no maybe fate, would have it, I stumbled upon a strange looking man while looking for mushrooms. His hair was white and long, and his skin so fair. But it was the yellow of his eyes that told me he wasn't human, that and the mark of a half moon on his forehead. Even though he was injured, he looked menacing, and still so beautiful. 

        Before I had realized what I was doing, I was beside him, and he paid no never mind to me. I stared at him for a while; both of us not saying anything. For him, I'd find out that was just a part of his persona, and me, I had refused speech, or it had refused me. Don't ask why, even the strongest lose something in an internal war. 

        I decided from that day forward, I would take care of him. No one else would help a demon, and I knew he was just like me in that aspect. Alone. Where no one would aid me, so I would aid him. 

        What do demons eat, I thought to myself. I figured I'd try everything. Day after day, he refused to eat, and I wondered if he might die. I never would have realized it back then, but he was such a proud man.

        "Mortal," He called out to me. I only looked towards him, though his eyes still refused to meet mine. "Mind your own business. I don't like human food." What did that even mean? To this day I have yet to see him eat a single thing. At the time, I almost offered part of me to him, thinking he might need blood, maybe even flesh. But I had no speech, and I just sat near him like I did every day, giving him, giving myself, someone to make the loneliness disappear. 

        The next day I brought him fish I stole from the fish reserve, but I was very careful taking the villages supply. I don't know why I was never included with it, but it didn't matter. I'd just take what I needed; it wasn't for me anyway. 

        He was still sitting, staring off into no where as usual when I got there. I quickly built a fire on the charred ground, spearing the little fish with sticks. I left his sticking out of the grass near him, to eat if he so pleased. Quietly, I ate my own fill. "You." He had a way with words, in that he used them very sparingly. No matter what he said, people paid attention. "Are you not afraid of me, human?" 

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